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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Wedding News... Read all about it!

Ever imagined your wedding making the Headlines?

Well now that can be a reality, as Momento Services are now making customized magazines and newspapers, to forever emblazon any wedding in Black & White, or Colour.

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Pravina,the Managing Director of Momento services. A fabulous lady who oozes passion about her business and products:

Hi Pravina, please tell us a bit about you and your business? 

Amit and I married in the summer of 2012, for our wedding we wanted something really unique. 
We decided to create our very own wedding newspaper to give to out to all of our guests as a sort of momento. We just asked our friends and family to send in anything they like. We ended up receiving lots of incredible stories and photos. We put them together and made a beautiful and meaningful newspaper. It was really simple and easy!

The response was phenomenal. It was so popular, that our guests told us we really have to offer this to other couples as a service. And so, Momento Services was born and things have moved on really quickly since then and as far as we are aware, we remain the only company that provides this sort of service. 

How will your products benefit a bride and groom?

 Our products are unique, personal and sentimental. They offer many benefits:
  • They are the perfect souvenir. They are genuine, authentic and worthwhile.
  • They allow people to share everything. All those small and big moments of your life which are only known by the people who love you. By sharing these stories, everyone can feel closer to the couple, and get to know them a little bit better.
  • They are the only way to involve your guests. At present, many guests don't get involved in much before the wedding day. With a newspaper, anyone at all can contribute anything they like about the couple, and make their valuable contribution part of the big day. We had mum in laws contribute recipes, and my nephew even sent in a crossword for back of the newspaper, for example!
  • On the day of the wedding or reception - it keeps people entertained and informed, because your wedding newspaper can also contain your order of service/wedding programme or schedule within it.
Please tell us about your most popular range(s)?
Most of our clients have gone for the 8 page tabloid newspaper. It's quirky and and has a stunning front cover designed by our award winning designers.

Recently we have also been seeing a surge of interest in our new mini-newspaper, which has all the wow-factor of the tabloid in a cute little version.

As we have brought out more products, such as basic wedding schedules and invitagrams - we have seen interest build up in these products as well as time goes on.

Moving beyond wedding newspapers, we also very recently started offering newspaper for businesses, community centres, charities and more.

What is the best advice you can give soon to be married couples?

Often things you spend the most time and money on and consider really important for your wedding sometimes end up less noticed or valued than you might have thought. We spent thousands on decor and still am not sure how much it was appreciated. We were told our guests were asking for more copies of the newspaper, I really wished we had printed more copies. People I barely knew from my husband's family came up to me months later saying they felt like they knew me, only through the newspaper. 

Any new products planned for 2013/14?
We have done most of our major product launches. Our products go through a lot of tweaking, especially in terms of design. We just created a free sample giveaway paper. So it's more along the lines of evolving our current set of products, rather than creating new ones.

Thank you Pravina, we really appreciate you sharing this with us!
So if you fancy your own memento from Momento, perhaps to show your children or grandchildren somewhere down the line, simply visit

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Check out our wedding planning interview blog post over on, the popular wedding venue website which allows you to search for your perfect venue by date.

Click here to read our wonderful interview.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Wedding Sanctuary

With 3rd March only round the corner, the Wedding Sanctuary is racing towards us.
And with entry prices starting at only ten pounds, this is the best place to get superb advice from a huge range of skilled professionals, without breaking the bank. 

Set in the exquisite RSA House, in the beautiful City of Westminster, it is easily accessible, and takes place on a Sunday, which is convenient for the majority.

Pioneered by the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, there is no other event that boasts such a collaboration of style and experience from those specialized in tailoring the perfect wedding.

At Black Pearl Weddings, we cannot wait for the event and are truly excited to be a part of it.
For people in every stage of the planning process, there will be an abundance of quality information and services on hand, all of whom are only too happy to answer questions or provide insight and direction. 

Not to mention the delightful goodie bags for those in attendance!

For further information and tickets please click here - The Wedding Sanctuary website 


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sweet Nothings

In celebration that the most romantic day of the year is rapidly approaching us, we have garnered  inspiration from a kitsch novelty, the funky, romantic and retro Love Heart sweets...

A few fun facts of the romantic edibles that are adored the world over include:

  • Love Hearts began as a novelty gift to be found in Christmas Crackers in the 50's, but soon their popularity became overwhelming and the demand for them was answered, and they entered the mass market. This popularity is undiminished, with them still being sold the world over!
  • The quantity of Love Hearts that are produced annually are enough to stretch around the globe 1 and a half times!
  • The Eiffel Tower is the same height as 64,800 Love Hearts stacked atop each other!
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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Something Old, Something New, Something Silver, and Colbolt Blue

2013 is the year for splashes of vibrant colours. During this blog post we will demonstrate just how to add vibrancy to your theme whist maintaining that elegant touch. To depict this we have teamed silver with strong cobalt blue. These colours together create a regal excellence with a feel of absolute luxury.

Cobalt Blue


This glamorous wedding gown by Mariana Hardwick  takes on the silver aspect of the theme superbly. 

Mariana Hardwick Silver Wedding Dress.

A new twist with this bouquet demonstrates the silver and cobalt blue theme perfectly.

Blue, White & Silver Brooch Bouquet with a Cobalt Blue Lace Stem

A touch of the color theme to the wedding cake is an eye catching element without over-doing it.

Wedding Cake with Cobolt Blue Detail

Adding the vibrant color splash with your bridal footwear is a subtle way of upholding the theme.

 Cobalt blue wedding shoe clips wedding

The Groom will look like the perfect prince charming in delightful sliver grey suit, with a Colbolt Blue tie, that will complement the colour theme impeccably.

Suit and Tie

Your guests will be amazed when they see the reception hall decked out beautifully, with the finishing touches that will set the scene for this decadent occasion.

Table Setting

Set your bridesmaid's dresses off with this stunning intricately detailed vitage silver and cobolt blue dress-clip.


This is just one example of how you can use a splash of vibrant colour to really enhance your wedding theme.