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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Juicy Fruit Bonanza

With summer almost upon us, Black Pearl Weddings took the chance to catch up with Lesley, author and founder of Lesley’s Healthy Tips. Her latest offering is all about one of the consistently most popular ways to get into and stay in shape – juicing. High in nutritional content, yet light, quick and easy to have on the go, Juicing is a firm favourite for anyone interested in healthy lifestyle and cost effective as well.

Here, Lesley shares with us a simple yet delicious recipe which can help wedding couples lose the weight to fit into their ensembles, and give their skin a beautiful clean glow to really get picture perfect for their wedding shoot.

“Lesley’s Fruit Bonanza” is the first video released on Lesely's Healthy Tips - the video tutorial will help you to make a natural fruit & vegetable beverage in a matter of minutes! No added sugar or sweeteners, all natural goodness, so give it a try:

Including carrots, kale, apples, pears and strawberries, there is a wealth of vitamins and antioxidants inside this juice. For more healthy tips regularly, please visit:

Monday, 11 May 2015

Getting Married While Pregnant

As we all know, we are now at the time of year associated with births and new life. Seasonally, many of us will be showing off our beautiful baby bumps and simultaneously planning our big day, preparing for our happy ever after. However it is crucial to remember that wedding planning can be a big strain and even at times stressful, which can feel amplified when pregnant.

Black Pearl Weddings would like to share some tips to try and make everything that bit more relaxed for those bride & mother to be’s.

Firstly, take into consideration that there is a lot to plan, with unexpected issues inevitable and well hidden minutiae to arrange, so be sure to allow plenty of time to organise everything as you will undoubtedly need to take things at your own pace, especially for those nearing the due date.

When selecting your dress, always opt for something that is comfortable and shows off your bump tastefully. While some would suggest that white would not be the right choice, above all, remember to pick the dress that you want. It is imperative that you feel phenomenal, so whichever style and colour is your preference, then that is what to go for. It would be recommended to consider a fuller dress as opposed to a figure hugging dress, with styles such as empire line, princess line or A-line being ideal styles. Naturally avoid any tight corsets or bodices.

When choosing the footwear, it is advisable to avoid anything with high heels, but rather flat footed to make the ceremony more accessible and maintain comfort throughout the day.

If you are planning a church ceremony, remember to talk to the officiant well in advance, as some churches won’t perform weddings with pregnant brides but many will. Ensuring this is one of the first steps will help to avoid disappointment and enable you to plan exactly what and where you want.

Many pregnant women will find that their fingers are prone to being swollen throughout the pregnancy, so a ring that can be easily altered or a stand in ring until your hands return to their pre-pregnancy shape and size.

The menu for the wedding breakfast will also need to be tailored to the needs of your pregnancy, given that there are a number of foods that are not suitable for consumption during pregnancy. While you may well want your groom and guests to enjoy these foods, you should take extra care to have the right meal ready for you. Always avoid alcohol, seafood and any raw fish, soft cheeses, whipped cream, and anything your doctor advises against.

Be practical with your honeymoon. It is hard to imagine wanting to fly very far, and in fact, if you are well advanced in the pregnancy, this is also something that is advised against. Look for something relaxing and enjoyable, rather than an action packed, non-stop adventure – this could be something to pursue when your baby is old enough to join in.

Finally, remember to actually enjoy the day! It is probable you will frequently find yourself getting tired and want to sit down, so you will need facilities available to ensure your comfort at the drop of a hat, and crucially, make sure you are going to be located within reasonable distance of the toilets, or perhaps have access to your own restroom.

Good luck with your wedding and pregnancy, Black Pearl Weddings are sure it will be the perfect day for you!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Black Pearl Weddings Meets Make Up Artist Masie

Following our post back in November 2013, Black Pearl Weddings caught up with Maisie Palmer, the Make-Up Artist behind Style Pearls of Wisdom, for a collaboration on our recent Barbershop Photoshoot, styled in the Urban Vein. We took the opportunity to see where she is now and how her career has progressed over the past 18 months, which has advanced incredibly and showing delightful results.

Please tell us a little bit about what you have been up to since our last shoot "style pearls of wisdom”?

Well hello there again everyone! I've been very busy working on many exciting projects such as working on various short films, music videos and photo-shoots as well as Assisting on a Horror feature film ! I've also completed an advanced course in Media hair and Make-up, which now allows me to offer airbrush and hairstyling services to my clients!

Please tell us about the make-up you used in the recent Barbershop shoot?

With the Barbershop shoot, I decided to use a combination of warm and cool smoky eyes along with a softer base and warmer subtle lips. The brands I mainly used was MAC studio fix fluid foundation for the  base to achieve a flawless complexion as well as using foundations from a Pro favourite brand called RCMA to perfect and conceal under eyes . The whole look ended up polished but edgy with help from the smokiness of the eyes!  

What advice would you give a bride on when selecting a make-up artist? 

I would always suggest booking a trial with any make-up artist you come across, it's vital you can really express and feel comfortable with the look you're going for on your big day. You will be photographed left right and centre and it would be a shame if you didn't feel beautiful! Always try to book your trial at least a month or two before your wedding, so it's one less thing to think about a week before!

Do you have any new make-up tips you would like to share for brides?


My first would be to get a good skincare routine going. Make-up is a magical thing, it can cover almost anything, except covering texture! If you can get a good routine going (cleanse, tone, moisturize, you know the drill ) at least a few months in advance of your wedding, or just in general, it will ensure a smother base for your foundation and can even make your make-up last longer. I would suggest visiting a local beautician so you can learn how to really take care of your skin. 

Secondly, if you can't add a make-up artist into your budget and decide to go it alone, then fear not! As long as you test out your make-up look at least a few weeks before in natural light (the best light to apply make-up) to ensure you have a good foundation match and it lasts well throughout the day.  Also taking photos in different lights can give you a good idea of how it will look on the day. 

Finally, waterproof everything! Well not everything, but a good waterproof mascara will save you from panda eyes. Cute on pandas, not on brides (unless that's what you're going for...)