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Monday, 1 June 2015

Honour deceased loved one at your wedding

When planning a wedding, the first thing a couple think about are who they want to invite. Your wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment to one another, and that is something generally to be shared with your loved ones. But sadly, there are often close loved ones who are no longer able to join the celebration, yet you know they would have loved to have seen you wed.

Black Pearl Weddings would like to share some advice on a sensitive matter – incorporating deceased loved ones into your special day. The way to honour the memory of your loved one/s no longer with us can be as subtle as you like, yet will profoundly influence the feeling of the day in a truly beautiful way. Black Pearl Weddings would suggest however to gently approach the subject with any other loved ones who could be sensitive to their passing.

The first of our tips to treasure the memory of your loved one/s is to consider something elegant yet discreet, such as having the bouquet interspersed with beloved pictures.

Another idea involving the bouquet is to take one of the flowers and place it on one of the seats which will be left empty, to subtly acknowledge their absence and commemorate their place within your heart.

The final bouquet based idea is to select flowers you know your loved ones preferred, to cherish their influence during the ceremony.

During the ceremony, a lit candle or a moment of silence is always a touching recognition that people present will appreciate whether or not they knew the deceased.

Thinking about a way that would be sharing something with the rest of the guest list, perhaps a favourite meal or family recipe could become a part of your menu, or perhaps a favourite song of theirs could be among the first of your chosen playlist; a toast to absent friends is always a classic nod to those you have loved and lost, especially combined with their favourite drink for the toast.

The final touch Black Pearl Weddings would like to offer relates to the favours. Perhaps a favourite of your deceased such as a type of chocolate or similar, or a donation made to a charity close to their heart instead of a favour will always go down well.

Of course it is a sensitive and moving concept, and is something that will be highly personal, so whichever idea is most suited to you is all that matters. Black Pearl Weddings sincerely hope this blog post offers some direction around how to honour your beloved.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Juicy Fruit Bonanza

With summer almost upon us, Black Pearl Weddings took the chance to catch up with Lesley, author and founder of Lesley’s Healthy Tips. Her latest offering is all about one of the consistently most popular ways to get into and stay in shape – juicing. High in nutritional content, yet light, quick and easy to have on the go, Juicing is a firm favourite for anyone interested in healthy lifestyle and cost effective as well.

Here, Lesley shares with us a simple yet delicious recipe which can help wedding couples lose the weight to fit into their ensembles, and give their skin a beautiful clean glow to really get picture perfect for their wedding shoot.

“Lesley’s Fruit Bonanza” is the first video released on Lesely's Healthy Tips - the video tutorial will help you to make a natural fruit & vegetable beverage in a matter of minutes! No added sugar or sweeteners, all natural goodness, so give it a try:

Including carrots, kale, apples, pears and strawberries, there is a wealth of vitamins and antioxidants inside this juice. For more healthy tips regularly, please visit:

Monday, 11 May 2015

Getting Married While Pregnant

As we all know, we are now at the time of year associated with births and new life. Seasonally, many of us will be showing off our beautiful baby bumps and simultaneously planning our big day, preparing for our happy ever after. However it is crucial to remember that wedding planning can be a big strain and even at times stressful, which can feel amplified when pregnant.

Black Pearl Weddings would like to share some tips to try and make everything that bit more relaxed for those bride & mother to be’s.

Firstly, take into consideration that there is a lot to plan, with unexpected issues inevitable and well hidden minutiae to arrange, so be sure to allow plenty of time to organise everything as you will undoubtedly need to take things at your own pace, especially for those nearing the due date.

When selecting your dress, always opt for something that is comfortable and shows off your bump tastefully. While some would suggest that white would not be the right choice, above all, remember to pick the dress that you want. It is imperative that you feel phenomenal, so whichever style and colour is your preference, then that is what to go for. It would be recommended to consider a fuller dress as opposed to a figure hugging dress, with styles such as empire line, princess line or A-line being ideal styles. Naturally avoid any tight corsets or bodices.

When choosing the footwear, it is advisable to avoid anything with high heels, but rather flat footed to make the ceremony more accessible and maintain comfort throughout the day.

If you are planning a church ceremony, remember to talk to the officiant well in advance, as some churches won’t perform weddings with pregnant brides but many will. Ensuring this is one of the first steps will help to avoid disappointment and enable you to plan exactly what and where you want.

Many pregnant women will find that their fingers are prone to being swollen throughout the pregnancy, so a ring that can be easily altered or a stand in ring until your hands return to their pre-pregnancy shape and size.

The menu for the wedding breakfast will also need to be tailored to the needs of your pregnancy, given that there are a number of foods that are not suitable for consumption during pregnancy. While you may well want your groom and guests to enjoy these foods, you should take extra care to have the right meal ready for you. Always avoid alcohol, seafood and any raw fish, soft cheeses, whipped cream, and anything your doctor advises against.

Be practical with your honeymoon. It is hard to imagine wanting to fly very far, and in fact, if you are well advanced in the pregnancy, this is also something that is advised against. Look for something relaxing and enjoyable, rather than an action packed, non-stop adventure – this could be something to pursue when your baby is old enough to join in.

Finally, remember to actually enjoy the day! It is probable you will frequently find yourself getting tired and want to sit down, so you will need facilities available to ensure your comfort at the drop of a hat, and crucially, make sure you are going to be located within reasonable distance of the toilets, or perhaps have access to your own restroom.

Good luck with your wedding and pregnancy, Black Pearl Weddings are sure it will be the perfect day for you!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Black Pearl Weddings Meets Make Up Artist Masie

Following our post back in November 2013, Black Pearl Weddings caught up with Maisie Palmer, the Make-Up Artist behind Style Pearls of Wisdom, for a collaboration on our recent Barbershop Photoshoot, styled in the Urban Vein. We took the opportunity to see where she is now and how her career has progressed over the past 18 months, which has advanced incredibly and showing delightful results.

Please tell us a little bit about what you have been up to since our last shoot "style pearls of wisdom”?

Well hello there again everyone! I've been very busy working on many exciting projects such as working on various short films, music videos and photo-shoots as well as Assisting on a Horror feature film ! I've also completed an advanced course in Media hair and Make-up, which now allows me to offer airbrush and hairstyling services to my clients!

Please tell us about the make-up you used in the recent Barbershop shoot?

With the Barbershop shoot, I decided to use a combination of warm and cool smoky eyes along with a softer base and warmer subtle lips. The brands I mainly used was MAC studio fix fluid foundation for the  base to achieve a flawless complexion as well as using foundations from a Pro favourite brand called RCMA to perfect and conceal under eyes . The whole look ended up polished but edgy with help from the smokiness of the eyes!  

What advice would you give a bride on when selecting a make-up artist? 

I would always suggest booking a trial with any make-up artist you come across, it's vital you can really express and feel comfortable with the look you're going for on your big day. You will be photographed left right and centre and it would be a shame if you didn't feel beautiful! Always try to book your trial at least a month or two before your wedding, so it's one less thing to think about a week before!

Do you have any new make-up tips you would like to share for brides?


My first would be to get a good skincare routine going. Make-up is a magical thing, it can cover almost anything, except covering texture! If you can get a good routine going (cleanse, tone, moisturize, you know the drill ) at least a few months in advance of your wedding, or just in general, it will ensure a smother base for your foundation and can even make your make-up last longer. I would suggest visiting a local beautician so you can learn how to really take care of your skin. 

Secondly, if you can't add a make-up artist into your budget and decide to go it alone, then fear not! As long as you test out your make-up look at least a few weeks before in natural light (the best light to apply make-up) to ensure you have a good foundation match and it lasts well throughout the day.  Also taking photos in different lights can give you a good idea of how it will look on the day. 

Finally, waterproof everything! Well not everything, but a good waterproof mascara will save you from panda eyes. Cute on pandas, not on brides (unless that's what you're going for...) 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Barber Shop Photoshoot Styled in the Urban Vein


Black Pearl Weddings are proud to unveil to the world our most recent styled photohoot. Combining the elegance of traditional wedding fashion against the juxtaposed urban style background, we have created a perfect example of how beautifully different styles can collaborate to create a stunning and unique theme.

Hosted in an urban backstreet London barbershop The Barbers Chair situated in Arnos Grove; the beautiful bride-to-be and her bridesmaids undertake their stunning wedding makeover. If you love London as much as I do and you are a bride that appreciates this cites quirks you will love this perfect location. Set against a banksy-esque backdrop what other place is better for your concrete jungle wedding! 

Just because you may choose a location that is different from the norm such as cobbled side streets or against our famous Street artist Banksy, does not mean you have to take out the traditional elements of your wedding day. Black Pearl Weddings incorporates your love of both the modern Londoner and the traditional bride.


The Wedding gowns provided by the wonderful Bridal Gallery are unique in their design and texture, creating a breath-taking look to emphasize the glamorous appeal of this theme. Both dresses speak volumes; they show off personality as well as accentuating both the brides’ figures, giving sheer elegance to a rustic and trendy atmosphere.  


To compliment such beautiful gowns are the accessories to match, also by the Bridal Gallery. Now if you are like me then Diamonds are always the way to go, no matter the theme! Both the Bride and her bridesmaids are adorned with diamonds and gems.

My favourite is the black and white diamond necklace with matching teardrop earrings. If you are not a bride for tiaras or clips then a necklace such as this really makes you gleam, I like to think of it as a crown for your neck. Something that is the crowning glory of you and the dress!

Now lets talk about flower girls! This little cutie is donning a gorgeous tutu dress by Angels-Face boutique, complimenting the bride and bridesmaid, the beautiful little lady knows how to make a room bring about the ooo’s and awww’s of a wedding day. Angels-Face boutique offers stunning garments for your adorable flower girls; ready for them to walk down the aisle before you arrive in style!

Of course last but by no means least, Hairstyling and Make-up. As this shoot is featured on the bride’s wedding day preparations, the Barbers Chair styled the brides and bridesmaids hair-do’s, giving them both stylish curls. 

Curls for both the bride and bridesmaids give that trendy urban feel as they each have a difference in personality, the bride with tight curls in a soft half up- half down look brings out her facial features. The bridesmaid is given softer curls but delicately compliments her cheekbones. 

The talented make-up artist Maisie Palmer, transforms both ladies into the Urban sophisticated bride and bridesmaid that you see here, giving a modern and natural look. For those of you who feel that make-up maybe too much, Maisie Palmer MUA is able to give you that light touch of shimmer which brings out all your natural features and leaves you looking flawless in your wedding photos. By not over powering you face with too much make-up you can be sure that Maisie will give you the very best service and make sure that you look your very best for your big day. 

Sunday, 29 March 2015

"Say Cheese"

Many of us may not care much about photos or how we look in them but when it comes to our wedding photo’s we ALL care. For that one day we believe that flawless is the only look acceptable and it’s an image I think will be visited again and again, so here’s a little info on the wonderful world of wedding photography.

Depending on your preference the choices vary from

Film-digital, your pictures in colour-black/white or both

Styles range from traditional-artistic where your images are now available for you to take home on disks, USB’s or photo books/albums (available in an array of colours).

Prices will differ of course in accordance to what you’d like but can start from around £1,200 for full day coverage- £950 for 6 hours and £350 for 2 hours.

Some couples like the idea of hiring their photographer for engagement or pre wed shots which has become quite popular.

As there are many wedding photographers that offer a wide range of options it can be slightly overwhelming trying to decide who to select for this all important day, so I say take your time, narrow your choices down, arrange to meet your chosen few along with their portfolios and take it from there.

So whether its 6 hours or full day coverage, documentary digital or old school traditional style there’s definitely the perfect  photographer out there for you that will make your special day come to life every time you lay eyes on your photo’s.

Lastly here’s a few of my favourite shots for you all to enjoy

Sunday, 15 March 2015

South American Wedding Tradition

South America is a magnificent continent, home to rainforests rich with flora and fauna, magnificent tropical beaches, delicious cuisine and a world famous party culture. Here, Black Pearl Weddings focus on some of the wedding traditions observed throughout South America, firstly focusing on Brazil.

It is customary in Brazil for the wedding rings to be engraved, with the name of the wearer’s spouse, and tradition dictates that the Bride must arrive ten minutes later than when the ceremony is scheduled to take place, although she must not arrive later than the groom.

Another widely observed tradition is that as the groom carries his new bride over the threshold of their home or hotel, he must do so right foot first.

During the reception party, the guests will feast on casadinhos, or “Marry Well” cookies, and toast the happy couple with a cocktail known as caipirinha, made from Lime, sugar and cachaça a sugar cane beverage. The name casadinhos translates into “A person coming from the countryside”. The couple will also give presents to their parents as part of the celebrations.

Finally, Brazilian Brides often walk around the tables carrying a basket with "lembrancinhas". Each guest gets an object which to commemorate the wedding, similar to favours.

Moving across to Argentina, generally a newly engaged couple won’t hold engagement parties. When they do, they are a private, family affair. However, the wedding will normally be a big party. The bride and groom often open any gifts in front of guests at the party.

Parents/grandparents will often provide the gold with which the new wedding ring will be made, using a necklace or some other item. During the wedding ceremony the bride and groom wear engagement rings, made from silver and thinner than their wedding rings.

In Chile the wedding rings are also exchanged at the engagement. When the couple is engaged they have a ring on their right hand. After the wedding they'll have it on their left hand.

Venezuelan tradition expects the groom to ask for permission before proposing from his prospective father-in-law. There will be two wedding ceremonies, both a civil and a church one, with the civil ceremony taking place a fortnight before the church wedding.

Both will have a reception party, during which the bride & groom will just disappear, as supposedly brings good luck to their union.

Charms attached with ribbons will be placed between the layers of the wedding cake in Peru. Before the cake is cut, each single woman present at the reception pulls a ribbon. Peruvian belief is that the woman who pulls the ribbon with the ring attached will marry within a year.

In Colombia, a beautiful "candle ceremony" takes place shortly after the wedding ceremony; whereby the happy couple light a candle each. The lit candles are then used to light a third one, together, symbolic of their unity, and new life during which they'll share everything.

Colombian Brides wed in a long, white wedding dress. At the wedding reception, all single guests place a shoe under the brides dress. Groom then selects one shoe, the owner of which will be next to marry.

Colombian bride often puts a coin in her shoe as a symbol of her wish not to get into situation where she would be without basic stuff in life.

In Ecuadorian wedding receptions, the bride and groom give their parents special presents, normally items used by the bride and groom as children.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

DIY Bride - Make your own fascinators

To complete a stunning bridal ensemble or occasion attire, one thing is key, and that is the headpiece. Selecting whether an understated and elegant fascinator, or an opulent number fit for a princess, the headpiece will finish the image off beautifully and reflect your style. 

For bespoke design and creation of headpieces, Kokoberi Bespoke Headpieces can take your idea and preference, working with you to create the perfect head wear for your occasion.

Here, Black Pearl Weddings are delighted to share some information passed to us by incredibly talented Matilda, designer and founder of the stunning Kokoberi Bespoke Headpieces.

Make your own fascinators, to match your personal style or to suit a special outfit – in easy steps with video! 

Matilda Warr of Kokoberi Bespoke Headpieces teaches you in easy stages and with lots of clear pictures how to make a variety of gorgeous fascinators, with 12 projects. 

In detailed video clips she demonstrates all the different techniques, so you can follow exactly how everything is done. Each fascinator is presented on a real model to show how is it worn and how it looks from several angles – a great help when you are trying to choose which fascinator will suit you and your hairstyle. 

Learn how to make fabric flowers, so you can create your own fascinator designs, not limited by the size and shape of the ready-made flowers you can buy. Most of the materials Matilda uses are readily available, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve a stunning professional finish. 

Matilda Warr runs her own accessory design company, Kokoberi Bespoke Headpieces, from her base in Birmingham, UK. Her designs focus on handmade flowers of various materials, customised for each of her clients. Some of her designs are also sold through Sapelle, a stockist in London and the USA. 

She is inspired by Haute Couture. In May 2014 Kokoberi was chosen as a finalist for the Midlands Fashion Awards. Matilda has a wide experience in design, having worked as an interior designer and a graphic designer. She also has a degree in Integrated Design, from Germany, and has recently released a magnificent ebook to be the perfect companion while considering your headpiece.

For More Information please see


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

New York Calling !

Our newest blog is dedicated entirely to what many refer to as the greatest city on Earth… New York. With songs written to celebrate its glory by stars of the highest calibre, New York is home to some of the most renowned landmarks on the face of the earth, and has a veritable plethora of wedding possibilities.

Firstly, there are some absolutely breath-taking hotels to stay in during your stay. Overlooking the iconic Madison Square Garden venue is the legendary New Yorker hotel, a magnificent tribute to the days of silver screen, and the era of Art Deco. Having played host to a list of superstars, what better way to start your special day than being collected in a vintage Bugatti from the spectacular lobby of this hotel?

Another huge benefit associated with New York is its world famous link to the fashion industry. Whether the bridesmaids cannot agree on a coordinated style, the groom is struggling to select his suit, or you cannot find the rings you both adore, you will surely find what is needed around Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Canal Street Market and of course Soho.

Home to so much musical history, and with an array of jazz or blues bars, Broadway and much more, there is a cornucopia of live talent for your reception, not forgetting Coney Island, famed for its world class entertainment and theme park.

You could also rest assured that whatever you decided upon for a wedding breakfast menu would be as enjoyable as any meal you've ever tasted. The culinary options in new York are just too varied to list, but the gourmet cuisine is truly haute.

But most importantly, the vital question lies in where you would tie the knot. Black Pearl Weddings have decided upon our favourite 3 choices, which we would like to share with our readers.

1.     Central Park. A park with as much character and fame as anything else in New York, Central Park could easily host a ceremony year round. In the summer, with its lush green backdrop and plentiful space, alongside the unique Belvedere Castle, Central Park could yield some awe inspiring wedding photographs; but perhaps winter is the most magical time to marry there, with the whole park white under a blanket of snow, creating an ethereal glow to the day, Central Park often hosts outdoor ice-skating in the coldest season of the year, giving a truly memorable place a truly nostalgic feel.

2.       Standing proudly atop Liberty Island is New York’s magnificent Statue of Liberty, a triumphant symbol of hope and success, two of the core sentiments guiding marriage. A wedding ceremony conducted on one of the ferries or perhaps a yacht under her lady’s watchful gaze would be as unique as the statue itself.
3.       The Chrysler Building, a skyscraper like no other, with mind-blowing design detail and a hugely expansive view of the city, one could almost feel like Grace Kelly standing at the top of the illustrious tower in a wedding gown. One thing would be for sure, and that is that you would literally feel on top of the world!

But with a choice as varied as New York, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your wedding!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Black Pearl Weddings Meets Rosa Loren

Antipodean boutique Rosa Loren are world renowned for their fabulous wedding accessories. Founded from years working within the fashion and film industries has enabled Rosa Loren to cultivate a truly spectacular range of stylish items and accessories that will really compliment wedding or special occasion attire. 

Here, Black Pearl Weddings learn a little more about this supplier par excellence.

Please can you tell us a little bit about your business?

I work from my studio in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia shipping worldwide. It’s a wonderful place to live in the world – almost always bright and sunny and sub-tropically warm. Flowers bloom all year round and colours somehow seem brighter and more intense. It is out of this environment that Rosa Loren was born. I have a passion to create beautiful things and the opportunity to brighten people’s lives with those beautiful things is marvellous. 

In 2012, after years working in the fashion, film and wedding industry, I opened Bouquet by Rosa Loren as an online outlet. Originally dedicated to bouquets of my handmade signature satin roses, the range quickly grew to include matching satin rose boutonnieres, corsages, veils, head dresses, and shoe bows.

Funky brides who want a modern edge can work directly with me to create a spectacular and unique bouquet or they can shop prêt-a-porter from the current range on display in store. Working with brides to help them create even the smallest details for their dream day is something very rewarding. 

Increasingly I have found that there are many brides who are very keen to incorporate tartan into their weddings. As such, I have opened a sister store, The Tartan Shop by Rosa Loren, specifically to showcase the possibilities of accessorising with tartan for both men and women for any special event. These little details mean so much.

What type of products do you offer?

I work with a combination of satin, leather and feathers to create bouquets of any colour, yes, blue, black or purple roses – anything is possible! With sprays of pearl beads and lots of bling they are innovative, modern alternatives to fresh flowers. The core reason many choose a Rosa Loren bouquet is for their uniqueness - totally made from scratch and incomparable to what you can find available at the local florist.

What’s best of all is that these bouquets will never wilt or fade. It is so ominous the way a bridal bouquet slowly withers and dies. Rosa Loren flowers will look as fresh when you renew your vows in years to come as they do on your wedding day. You are not purchasing a one-day-wonder! They are truly keepsakes that can be passed down the generations - your daughter will want to carry your bouquet down the aisle when she marries.

There’s no concern about allergies or pollen stains either. Not to mention that all your flowers will arrive well in advance and everyone can relax - no waiting for a last minute delivery from the florist on the day of the wedding. A beautiful bouquet or boutonniere also makes a great gift for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

Rosa Loren’s accessories range includes sassy little veils; hair flowers; and bows to take your shoes from day to dazzling night-life! They are bold, never understated and meant to get attention. They appeal more widely to all funky fashionistas, not just the bridal market and are very popular gifts for birthdays, Mothers’ Day, Christmas….any special event.

What are your most popular products?

Rosa Loren bows! I’ve been told I have the best bows ever. And they go everywhere – around bouquets, in the hair, on sashes, on gloves, clipped on shoes…. Shoe bows make another great gift for the bridesmaids and can finish off your look like the cherry on top! And again, they’re not just for weddings. They come in satin, velvet, organza or vinyl and can be enhanced with pearls and rhinestones for that essential element – bling!

How does your service appeal to the modern couple?

The modern bride and groom either wants help to create a whole look; to create an eclectic look with pieces they can mix and match; or they want to finish off their own unique style with select pieces. This is where accessorising is so important. It’s all about choice and working directly with a designer, such as at Rosa Loren, gives you more options - whether it’s getting roses in your perfect colour; getting bows in your family tartan; or being able to accessorise the whole bridal party to tie in your wedding theme.

Furthermore, many couples want something ‘different’. They love traditions but they want to make them their own, to do it in their own unique way. I am inspired by the fresh, innovative working of retro style – very classic, yet very modern; for those wanting to create their own timeless look which is still very en trend. It’s great to be able to work with someone who can show you the way through a process that can be very daunting. I keep communication a priority when working with couples – there’s no middleman - you know exactly who you are working with.

Today’s modern bridal couple is also very savvy. They know that details and quality are important and they need to be able to make sense of price. Working to a wise budget recognises that anything with a life extended beyond the wedding day is money well spent. The Rosa Loren motto is “…once upon a time should last happily ever after”. The days of the throw away society are fast fading as couples are demanding quality and a long shelf life for what they pay for.

What advice would you give a couple when selecting your products?

Most importantly - don’t leave anything to the last moment! Planning a wedding can be stressful enough without waiting for last minute deliveries that may be unavoidably delayed in the mail. It can be so disappointing when you have your heart set on something and it falls through due to bad timing.

Furthermore, take a good look at everything that is available and keep an open mind about how you can create your own unique, individual look. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to realise your visions. When you shop at Rosa Loren you aren’t shopping from a large corporation. Clicking one of the “message” buttons in store will get you straight through to the owner and designer. It’s more than customer support, it’s part of the new way of buying and selling online – it’s more human; it makes sense.

All Images courtesy of Rosa Loren.

To see more from Rosa Lore please visit Bouquet by Rosa Loren and The Tartan Shop by Rosa Loren

Sunday, 8 February 2015

"Ethnic Bride Series" - Destination St Lucia

Our latest instalment of Black Pearl Weddings "The Ethnic Bride Series" focuses on a very special Island, close to the heart of Black Pearl Weddings; none other than St Lucia. 

In the West Indies, St Lucia is a Sovereign Island country rich with history, and sumptuous sights and attractions. Located closely to the islands of Saint Vincent, Barbados and Martinique, St Lucia is one of the “Windward Islands”, and as such, it is host to many magnificent Caribbean cruises, with boat rides to other nearby islands easily accessible. 

One of the main features boasted by the beautiful Island is Sulphur Springs, the "world's only drive in volcano", with the water located at the centre of the springs boiling at approximately 340 Fahrenheit or 170 Celsius, thus creating large plumes of steam. Resulting from this magnificent feat of nature are divine volcanic springs to bathe in early in the morning before it becomes too hot!

Another major advantage of giving consideration to having a destination wedding on St Lucia are the white sand beaches, and crystal blue seas vibrant with tropical fish – St Lucia is a perfect place to hold you wedding and honeymoon jointly in such a scenic and romantic isle. There are exquisitely simple yet luxurious huts but a stones throw away for the perfect accommodation, Set closely to the picturesque beaches, St Lucia has some truly breath-taking flora and fauna, the country hosting one of the planet’s most spectacular botanical gardens, the “Diamond Falls Botanical Garden”.

St Lucia also boasts delicious, fresh food, with a huge component of the country’s trade being fishing and also growing fruits and vegetable. Additionally, the West Indies are famed for a wonderfully relaxed pace of life and warm, friendly locals.

The final wonderful attraction that we are going to focus on in this blog is Pigeon Island, a 40-acre) islet located in Gros Islet in north Saint Lucia. Previously isolated in the Caribbean Sea, the island was attached to the western coast of St Lucia in 1972 by a man-made causeway built from dirt excavated, forming the Rodney Bay Marina. Composed of two peaks the island is a historic site with numerous forts such as an 18th-century British fort and Fort Rodney and is home to the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Black Pearl Weddings Meets Green4Screen

Black Pearl Weddings are delighted to present service providers of brilliance, Green 4 Screen.

Specialising in combining photography with cutting edge technology, Green 4 Screen offer an entirely unique service for weddings. Offering a full complement of services including a photographer for the occasion, a mobile green screen, and assistive technology for instant image capture, alongside a display instantly showing the photographs, so that you can be assured in having only the very best images for your wedding album. 

Utilising their image enhancing technology, Green 4 Screen can then creatively manipulate the image to alter the background to any you desire, creating absolutely bespoke images for your special day.

Not only this, but this spectacular technology comes with a presenter as well as skilled photographer and image enhancer. Green 4 Screen also offer a package including entertainment for your day including Karaoke, so that the image taking process can continue into the evening while participating in your desired activities. 

So let the creative collaboration flow during your ceremony, knowing that Green 4 Screen are truly able to offer you a photography service in a league of its own.

Images courtesy of Green 4 Screen 
For more information, please visit

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Black Pearl Weddings Meets Lesley's Healthy Tips

Black Pearl Weddings have had the opportunity to meet with the lovely Lesley, author and founder Lesley’s Healthy Tips, a superb new blog detailing numerous ways in which to enjoyably lose weight or manage your BMI at your target size.

With exceptional knowledge of lifestyle advice, and personal experience in achieving her ideal, boosting self-confidence and wellbeing, Lesley has decided to share her expertise with the world, and offer some stunning information for brides on how to prepare for their ceremony at their leisure, so that they can feel their very best on the day.

Here, Lesley shares a little about herself and the blog with us:

Please us a little about yourself ?

I’m Lesley, I am a 5’9” tall, 30 something professional woman, with a story to tell and ideas to share.

Please tell us a little bit about your blog ?

I was inspired to start a blog about my journey through past struggles I had with my weight, more so after giving birth to my second child and the impact it had on my self-esteem and confidence. Finally I decided enough was enough and took matters in hand, seeking brief, unplanned, informal advice & tips from a Health Advisor. I incorporated my own  tips and tricks that worked into the plan, which helped me to change from being sized 18 and weighing in excess of 210lbs/15st/95kg, down to a size 12/14, weighing below 180lbs/12.9st/82kg.

My blog however, is not simply about losing weight but also about shedding pounds healthily whilst remaining realistic throughout the process, allowing my help, advice and experience to assist you on your journey.  The blog is unisex so both genders will learn from the many tips and tricks to achieving their target weight.

 Please tell us how your tips will benefit the bride ?

The sooner that brides-to-be start utilising my advice and information, the more benefits they will reap, undoubtedly boosting her self-esteem and confidence. This will not only allow her body to adjust to the new changes comfortably, but her state of mind and wellbeing also.  In an ideal world, most ladies would like to trim down without putting in much effort or in a very short timescale, in time for her BIG day. Unfortunately this is simply not possible.  My blog is realistic and gives info on different beverages (home-made), foods, work outs & exercises, types of clothing to wear with the aim of aiding weight loss healthily and to reach their target BMI in time for the wedding. I encourage all brides-to-be to visit my website, and subscribe to get my weekly blog sent straight to their emails. Subscribers can also email me via the website for personally tailored tips and tricks and get started.

Do you have any tips that would assist the bride to lose weight?

One of my favourite tips for the bride-to-be who has excess weight around the midriff that she isn’t happy with, is to start with a small number of sit-ups daily, for example 10 to 15 reps. I’m going to be generous and divulge another tummy buster tip, which is there are special undergarments that you can wear daily to target the fat around the tummy area which actually works.  For more information and my personal recommendations, simply subscribe to my blog.

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