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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Remaining composed during your Wedding (Part 2)

Following our post two weeks ago detailing how to remain composed during your wedding, we are proud to release the follow up.

The Reception

While it is less nerve racking than the wedding ceremony, there are still a few obstacles during the reception that you will need your composure for:

The Speeches

Whether you are delivering a speech, or on the receiving end of one, it is important to remain confident. While many people are nervous when publicly talking, it is crucial not to succumb to the temptation of a little “Dutch Courage” beforehand. This will probably have a heightened effect while you are on a high from the ceremony, and vastly impair your ability to remember the words in order, possibly cause red flushes in your face, and worst of all, for those that drink less frequently, potentially make you slur your words or become giddy.

As the speech is a memory that will stay with you and your guests forever, try to inject a little light humour, nothing too offensive, and avoid using expletives or targeting a particular guest too heavily. Remember, nobody there is judging you, and it is all in the name of celebrating your happiness.

If you are on the receiving end of the speech, always take it in good humour, especially if it’s your spouse’s turn to speak. It is vital to make them feel supported; after all, your approval is the only one that really counts. Showing disdain quickly spreads and can create a disastrous speech.

The First Dance

Unless you are a skilled and proficient dancer, don’t try anything too ambitious. A gentle sway while you are in the spotlight will fill the atmosphere with romance and your guests will soon show their appreciation, and become eager to join you on the dance floor.

For those with two left feet, try to rehearse your dance, with a friend and more importantly, your betrothed. Practice will eliminate the anxiety of getting it wrong, and allow you to focus on enjoying the best party you will ever throw.

The Wedding Breakfast

The best way to ensure that the food will be prepared and delivered to the standard you expect is to ensure a great communication between you and the caterer. Liaising with the chef is a must, to avoid the medium rare steak being burned to a crisp, so that he/she is fully aware of your preferences.

Select food that you will enjoy, but equally importantly, opt for meals that the whole turnout will savour. The meal is not going to be the first thing you remember about the day, but for many of the guests, it will be.

Drunken guests   

The last thing anyone wants at their wedding is a fight breaking out, or an old uncle bursting into tears and loudly reminiscing about the good old days. Talk with the venue manager well in advance of the reception, and make it clear you want the bar to refuse drinks to guests who appear as though they have already had enough.

Another tactic is to order in just enough alcohol for everyone to enjoy themselves, before it runs out, or put a conservative tab behind the bar.

Don’t forget that those who want to continue drinking can make their own way to an open bar easily.

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Remaining composed during your wedding ceremony (Part 1)

We know better than most, that a wedding ceremony can be a nerve-wracking time, even for the most confident bride or groom. Bearing this in mind, Black Pearl Weddings have decided to share a few hints at how to avoid natural jitters escalating into panic…

Combating fits of nervous laughter

Should you feel about to burst into laughter, there are a few methods that will help you to remain composed, however strong the desire to laugh is…

Resourcefully using a thorn from your bouquet or the edge of a pin, gently prick your finger. Similarly to biting your lip or tongue, this mild pain will force away the urge to laugh.

Biting down on your bottom lip with enough force to actually cause a little pain will quickly remove the overwhelming need to laugh.

Another such method is to quickly pinch yourself. The skin on the back of your forearm is highly sensitive, so a very quick pinch that will go undetected will do the trick, but remember to let go very quickly to avoid bruising.

Or take the opportunity to think about a very sombre fact, which will soon sober you up...

Avoid tears during your ceremony

Concentrate on your breathing – breathing is a natural way to lower panic, and avoid focusing on something that makes you nervous. Take deep, measured breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling the air from your mouth. Doing this a few times will help you calm quickly and prepare you for the big moment.

Try to start thinking about trivial facts such as your favourite toys as a child or unimportant events that have brought a smile to your face. Again, this will serve as a distraction to avoid those nerves or the onset of tears.

Visually focus on an object such as a decoration, flooring, or anything else that captures your attention. This will take your mind off the nerves, and you will soon be confident to proceed as normal, and will help avoid tears.

Hold a confident posture, with your head held high and your back straight. This will immediately help you to feel the confidence you project and will nullify any negative emotions you are feeling.

Understanding that emotions are shared at weddings, and tears or laughter will soon catch on among many guests should serve as acknowledgement to avoid paying too much attention to attendees who are displaying such emotion. Remaining aware of any guests that are more prone to such displays will help you know exactly who to avoid focusing on during your ceremony, and in turn will help to avert such displays yourself.

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Innovative ways to increase your wedding budget.

Thinking of ways to increase your wedding budget? Look no further as Black Pearl Weddings may have the solution.

Revise your Bridal Registration

While it is tradition to register for gifts associated to starting a home together as a married couple, it may prove more beneficial to actually start the registry at the very beginning of planning your wedding. Rather than selecting the usual gifts such as silverware or china, perhaps put down specific items or services for the big day. This will reduce your costs, potentially considerably.

Hold a wedding fund raising party to increase your own budget

In the same sense as charitable fund raising parties, try arranging a luxury dinner party and inviting guests to attend for a fee, in order to raise funding for your big day. Alternatively add a personal touch by holding the dinner or party in your own home.

Offer a wedding raffle

Give guests the unique chance to win a prize such as sharing the floor for the first dance, winning the wedding dress, ride in the wedding limousine, or securing preferred seating.

Consider selling your belongings

Take the opportunity to have a clear out, and look at items you no longer use or don't really need. The popularity of internet auction or sale sites means has made this an increasingly accessible way to raise funds. Alternatively you can hold a garage sale, to include your community, family and friends.

Seek wedding sponsorship

A growing trend, wedding sponsorship can relieve the financial strain of your wedding, and offer local companies the opportunity to positively promote themselves and advertise services.

Placing a logo on the wedding apparel, wedding schedules, or invitations, banners on the limousine or around the venue, and incorporating the company during the wedding speech or by the band will give the company targeted advertising, in return for offering financial contribution towards your budget.

Incentivize potential investors with a wedding package

Provide a package that could include benefits such as joining the bride or groom for the first dance, walking the bride down the aisle, dinner parties at your home, an invitation to attend the wedding with seating at the head table, or any other personal touches you may like to offer. In return for the wedding package, specify exactly what you want, and pitch it to whomever you consider a suitable candidate.

Wedding pot

Consider all of your living expenses, and cut down wherever possible. Start saving your cash as much as possible, and putting it all into your wedding budget. Avoid unnecessary expenses and things that you don't absolutely need. Small steps will soon amount to a noticeable increase to your budget.

We hope you find these ideas useful,

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

United Kingdom’s Alliance of Wedding Planners Annual Members Meeting.

This May saw the United Kingdom’s Alliance of Wedding Planners Annual Members Meeting, hosted at the stylish Pelham hotel, in South Kensington.

As an active member of UKAWP, Black Pearl Weddings collaborated with Matthew Oliver Weddings to coordinate this prestigious event, and leave our mark on the annual event.
Having already played host to other prestigious guests including Vogue, BAFTA, and the Royal National Ballet, the Pelham know exactly how to create a sophisticated and enjoyable ambience for every occasion, and the Annual Members Meeting was certainly no exception.

With truly Haute Couture d├ęcor designed by Kit Kemp, exquisite food, and efficient and accessible facilities, the Pelham will prove a formidable venue for events either intimate or on a large scale.

This meeting is the one time of year that Wedding Planners the country over come together, to discuss trends, issues we have encountered, and share inspiration. It is the one time that we all have the opportunity to mingle with the other leading professionals in the industry, and find out about how clients in other parts of the country are styling their big day.
And this was truly memorable, with Black Pearl Weddings being privileged to have met some truly wonderful people, we feel incredibly proud to be part of the phenomenal UKAWP!