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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Year of the Wedding Jumpsuits

2014 has arrived with a cornucopia of trends and styles to really shape a wedding into an entirely new showcase of chic and glamour. 

Currently, one of the most sought after trends to transcend the bridal fashion stage is the bridal jumpsuit. Having left a huge impression around the world in red carpet events, high society functions, and fashion shows, jumpsuits were favoured so heavily by a number of formidable fashion icons, that the inevitable development in this style movement was to develop bridal ranges.

For the non-traditionalists wanting to make a bold statement, this may just be the ideal deviation from the traditional gown, retaining femininity and the image associated to marriage.

Those who treasure the tradition of the gown may adore this as an alternative outfit for the reception, or rehearsals, as it still embodies the style you have endeavoured to create, while proving more functional than a gown after the ceremony.

Wedding jumpsuits have been embraced by many designers the world over, and Black Pearl Weddings for one, cannot wait to see how they evolve.

Here are a few hand-picked selections we feel do justice to the jumpsuit.

From left to right clock wise Kinsley JamesDream-ers,  Victoria Kyriakides, and Temperley London 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

As we progress through January, there is a hugely symbolic festivity on the horizon, one which we simply had to blog about – the Chinese New Year. 2014 is the year of the Horse, according to the Chinese Zodiac.

The horse has a plethora of characteristics, but to share a few, people that fall under this sign are considered to have a love of travel, strong wit, an ability to work hard and achieve their desires, a need for love and intimacy.
The Chinese are renowned for throwing huge, exquisite parties adorned with opulent decorations, such as the magnificent Chinese Dragon and spectacular firework displays famed the world over.

As the year of the horse races towards us, we considered how this theme could be entwined into weddings around the festivity. 

Naturally this led to the inspiration of a Chinese themed ceremony. So here are a few style suggestions to influence your ceremony if you are one of the many who celebrate this formidable event.

Firstly, we enjoyed the influence of a classic Chinese tradition, the Geisha girl style, which could well provide the inspiration for your wedding dress or bridesmaids style.

In terms of themes for the d├ęcor, the first thing that comes to mind when considering Chinese celebration styles, is the bold yet sophisticated combination of bright red trimmed with gold pattern, or vice versa. A favourite of the orient, this colourful dichotomy can be used for truly stand out dresses, favoured by the bride as one of her 3 outfits chosen through the day, beautiful decorations, or, as we have demonstrated below, elegant wall coverings, that can really create the desired ambience and complete the theme of Chinese New Year.

The final far eastern influence we feel is worth adding is the menu on offer during the reception. One oriental alteration may be the toast of the ceremony being conducted with the imbibing of Shaioxin, or rice wine, served warm, in traditional porcelain drinking pots. Particularly enjoyable during colder months, Shaioxin also compliments flavours of China, so perhaps a Chinese banquet could be the feast for you, with some exceptionally exotic and delightful tastes. The tradition of such a meal is that it be served upon a round table, with a rotating glass plate atop the table to allow the food to be shared tastefully, observing true etiquette and decorum yet leading to all parties developing a great dialogue and interaction.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Style Pearls Of Wisdom - Recap

After a seasonal break, Black Pearl Weddings are relishing 2014, and enthusiastic to watch all the coming trends unfold. So in tying up loose ends, we are posting our style pearls of wisdom finale, a recap of our beautiful styled photo-shoots from the end of 2013. We would like to pose the questions which ensemble appealed the most to you; and how if at all would you change it?

To see the full breakdown of each ensemble, simply click the links beneath each picture.

Firstly we had the stylish 1920's style flapper dress in gorgeous white/ cream, and embellished with exquisite, intricate bead & sequin design and black pearl. 

Our vision then progressed to the sophisticated black 1920’s Charleston Flapper dress, with delightful flower design set on monochrome.

The third combination was the formidable ivory lace dress, juxtaposed with a bold grey flower.


The fourth creation was the 1930's dress in stunning silver, accessorised with a combination that truly epitomised panache and debonair.

Our fifth selection is a stunning white lace dress with a sweetheart neckline from the Polish designer Ewa Godun