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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Festive discount

With the romantic festive season rapidly approaching, here at Black Pearl Weddings we know now is a high point in many relationships, and in these great spirits, engagement is often on the cards. We would like to announce a festive 20% discount on all services until 31st of January 2014 to help the newly engaged with any or all aspects of planning their nuptials.

Festive wishes

‘Style Pearls of Wisdom’ – the Synopsis

Over the past few weeks, here at Black Pearl Weddings, we have been truly in our element, immersed in our ‘Style Pearls of Wisdom’ series. It has been a journey of true niche, a collaboration of style and influence, in which we have explored the volume of opportunity to redesign your image for weddings, parties, or any other occasion. 

Working with our favourite style of the year, Art Deco, we have coordinated a handful of fabulous pieces of which we are tremendously proud. Perhaps we had the cards stacked in our favour, using such a timeless influence, but the resurgence of the Jazz Age this year has been simply relevant to avoid paying homage.

So our endeavours have culminated into a beautiful crescendo of fashion and elegance. Next week we will take the chance to recap over our choices, and throw out the questions – which ensemble did you love the most, and how if at all, would you alter them with your own personal touch?

Sunday, 1 December 2013

'Style Pearls of Wisdom' - Part 5

Our fifth selection is a stunning white lace dress with a sweetheart neckline by the spectacular Polish designer Ewa Godun . As demonstrated by our model, it's simple yet elegant style is gorgeous, matched perfectly to minimal accessories, in this case a 1920s Flapper Head Band by The Vintage Swallow.

This understated ensemble is versatile enough to top the bill for any occasion, and can be combined with gold or silver jewellery to look classic, and reflects the models natural beauty, as it would with all whom opted for such a style.

Once again, our thanks go out to

Make Up Artist - Maisie Palmer

Hair stylist - Emma White

Joint Creative Directors - Kelle Parker & Wioletta Godun

Next weeks blog will be the final installment of Style Pearls of Wisdom, so be sure to stay tuned!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

'Style Pearls of Wisdom' - Part 4

This week, our 'Style Pearls of Wisdom' series focuses on a glamorous look, designed to really bring you to the centre of the party.

We have selected a beautiful 1930's style dress in stunning reflective silver, complemented with a Classic Ostrich Feather Shoulder Wrap available from The Vintage Swallow.

A combination that truly epitomises panache and debonair, to add the finishing touches to the already alluring style, the model wears Extravagant Beauty Side TiaraVintage Heiress Earrings and Pearl Heirloom Cuff available from Glitzy Secrets.

Stood atop the bridge, our model portrays a Juliet seeking her Romeo, a romantic vision of pure elegance and sophistication.

As with our previous selections, the cut of the dress is versatile enough to adapt well to the majority of body shapes, and the style will really add sparkle to your occasion. It exudes confidence, and will perfectly recreate the suave glamour of ‘30s High Society, with a contemporary feel to it. 

Once again, Black Pearl Weddings would like to thank 

Make Up Artist - Maisie Palmer

Hair stylist - Emma White

Joint Creative Directors - Kelle Parker & Wioletta Godun

Visit our blog page next week for the next in our 'style pearls of wisdom' series. Below is a preview of what is to come.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

'Style Pearls of Wisdom' (Part 3)

The third instalment of 'Style Pearls of Wisdom', is here at last, and this time we are choosing Ivory for our third selection.

Our gorgeous model this time wears a classic ivory lace dress, with a bold grey flower. Stylistically, the intricately detailed lace is simple, and draws attention perfectly to any accessories worn with it.

Complemented with the divine Extravagant Beauty Side Tiara from Glitzy Secrets , the sublime Art Deco Black Pearl Set, from The Vintage Swallow and completed with delicate ruffled lace gloves.

This graceful ensemble is timeless, showing just understated dress can be coupled up with the ideal jewellery to create a perfectly coordinated outfit and inimitably elegant style.

This cut of the dress is such that it could suit the majority of body types, and the colour can be combined with bold colour, refined jewellery or equally a minimalistic combination.

Our most sincere thanks once again to:

Make Up Artist - Maisie Palmer

Hair stylist - Emma White

Joint Creative Directors - Kelle Parker & Wioletta Godun

Keep following for the next episode in our 'style pearls of wisdom' series. Below is a preview of the next instalment.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Meet The Make -Up Artist Behind 'Style Pearls of Wisdom'.

For our recent styled photo-shoots, shown in our 'Style Pearls of Wisdom' series, we enlisted the services of hugely talented up and coming Make Up Stylist Maisie Palmer. At just 18 years old, she shows incredible prowess and initiative, able to style make up worthy of the most prestigious events or cutting edge fashion. As well as being excited to see where Maisie's career takes her, we are thrilled to have had her on board and will be sure to work together in the future.

Here, Maisie tells us about herself and shares some invaluable advice from a professional perspective.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself ?

I am an 18 year old Make-up Artist from South East London. From the age of 14 I began teaching myself the application of make-up and discovered I had a huge passion for it and decided that this was my future career. I gained an Distinction in Fashion and Photographic make-up at the London College of Beauty Therapy in April and have proceeded to work make-up jobs ever since then.

Please tell us about the make-up you used in the recent 'Style Pearls of Wisdom' shoot?

The make-up style that was chosen for the shoot was based around the glitz and glamour of the 1920's, the make-up I used had to reflect that time period and the make-up women would wear back then. It was all about the smoky dark eyes, dark lips and rouged cheeks (which makes you think of what the girls wore on The only way is Essex)  but in a flattering way.  A quick tip to anyone wishing to recreate the 1920's make-up, start with the eyes first and then the foundation after, it makes it easier to clean up !

What advice would you give a bride on bridal make-up ?

The advice I'd give to a bride to be who is planning her make-up is to think  about what you would be most comfortable wearing on your big day. If you are a natural girl, its best not to go over board with bright red lips or a purple smoky eye ( unless you really want to ) but then again if you are used to being seen with bolder make-up and that is what you're comfortable with, then you  don't  have to feel the need to wear just the bare minimum. Bridal make-up doesn't have to be the standard neutral barely there make-up if you don't want it to , it should make you feel like yourself on your best day !

Do you have any tips on bridal make up that you could share ?

 Useful tips for wedding day make-up is :

* Use products that are long wearing and waterproof as it will be an emotional day and you don't want to look like a panda within a few hours !
* Use products with no SPF in as the SPF can create a white flashback on your wedding photographs, which isn't very flattering, unless you're a ghost !
*Pick a foundation that you know matches your skin colour and tone, if you are doing your own make-up on the day it is best to visit a make-up counter of your choice so they can match you to the correct colour of foundation.
* Practice in advance ! Whether you are booking a make-up artist or doing it alone, it is always best to have a trial of your make-up and test it out by taking some photos. It saves you from any last minute disasters on the day !

Maisie can be contacted on 07794357609 or at email

Sunday, 27 October 2013

'style pearls of wisdom'. (Part 2)

Black Pearl Weddings are delighted to present the next segment of our blog series 'Style Pearls of Wisdom', again sharing style inspirations in the vein of our Style of the Year.

Following our selection last week, this week we have decided that Black is still very much, and will continue always to be, elegance itself.

This week our beautiful model wears the sophisticated black 1920’s Charleston Flapper dress, with delightful flower design set on monochrome.

This style sits perfectly with the re-emergence of Black and White themed weddings, a trend promising to heavily influence next season (see our Black Lace and Bows blog from September 2013)

Our beautiful model complements the garment with an adornment of breath-taking vintage jewellery, starting from the top with the 1920's Flapper Headband from The Vintage Swallow, followed by the Exquisite Charm Necklace, and finally the Pearl Heirloom Cuff from Glitzy Secrets, all set off with delicate black lace gloves.

This magnificent attire embodies the sophistication of the Art Deco era, creating a style straight from the Silver Screen.

The splendid jewellery coupled up with the dress  are a certainty for class and glamour, and are a formidable combination to create a creative vision of loveliness perfect for the all-important wedding reception.

This dress is cut in order to suit the majority of body types, and can really look exceptional when worn by women of any age. It is perfect to match really dazzling and bold jewellery; Black Pearl Weddings love the attention grabbing style this apparel garners.

Black Pearl Weddings would again like to take the chance to extend our most sincere thanks to:

Make Up Artist - Maisie Palmer

Hair stylist - Emma White

Joint Creative Directors - Kelle Parker & Wioletta Godun

Stay tuned for the next episode in our series, for more 'style pearls of wisdom'. See below for a preview of what's to follow

Sunday, 20 October 2013

'Style Pearls of Wisdom' - Part One

Black Pearl Weddings are proud to introduce our newest blog series 'Style Pearls of Wisdom', providing inspiration for style like no other, to really see out 2013 in our Style of the Year.

So as party season gathers momentum, sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our photo shoots, whereby we have sourced and coordinated some truly elegant styles.

Firstly, we have the beautiful 1920's style flapper dress in a gorgeous white/cream, embellished with exquisite, intricate bead & sequin design and black pearls, complete with sumptuous vintage jewellery.

The beauty above wears the garment with the classic ostrich feather wrap and vintage headpiece from The Vintage Swallow, to really capture the Golden Age of Hollywood style; and the splendid Art Deco Pearl Set also from The Vintage Swallow  - a highly sought after, truly exceptional manufacturer of bespoke vintage wedding jewellery -  really adds the perfect, glamorous finishing touches.

This truly stunning frock really shows the vision of the Jazz Age era, replete with extravagant design, and looks divine on our superb models.

Coupled up with the magnificent Swan Lake Headpiece, courtesy of the unique Glitzy Secrets, designers of elegant custom made vintage jewellery, this stunner demonstrates the perfect ensemble to recreate a classic 1920's High Society style.

The dazzling accessories complement the black pearl embellished design of this gorgeous gown, to create an absolutely inimitable outfit for weddings or parties, that will truly make you stand out as the belle of the ball.

As you can see the dress is cut in such a way as to compliment all body types, and will suit women of all ages. It is a superb canvass to accessorize however you desire, and as you can see, Black Pearl Weddings felt the vintage flair was the perfect partner.

If you are interested in purchasing this garment, we currently have an extremely limited supply, so contact us as soon as you can to be sure to have your very own.

Black Pearl Weddings would like to take the chance to extend our most sincere thanks to:

Make Up Artist - Maisie Palmer

Hair stylist - Emma White

Images & Editing - Dale Jay Photography

Joint Creative Directors - Kelle Parker & Wioletta Godun

Stay tuned for the next episode in our series, for more 'style pearls of wisdom'. see below for a preview of what's to follow

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Divine Destinations (Part Two)

In this second instalment of the search for the ultimate wedding destination, Black Pearl Weddings are taking our attention over to the exotic continent of Asia; specifically, we are focusing on a special location inside the beautiful country of India – the magnificent Taj Mahal.

Situated Agra, Uttar Pradesh, this marble wonder is classed as a World Heritage site. A collaboration of traditional Mughal style and Persian architecture, the Taj Mahal dates back to the 1630’s, built in tribute to the memory of the then emperor Shah Jahan beloved wife died. A symbol of absolute love, the Taj Mahal is truly a romantic location, echoing a message of devotion through the centuries, for the whole world to see.

Moving from India across to Thailand, Black Pearl Weddings now find our focus on a much more recent construction, the inimitable Wat Rong Khun. Known outside of Thailand as the “White Temple”, construction actually began in the late 1990’s and is estimated to take another 90 years until the vision is completely realised! However, even at this stage, there are few architectural equivalents of this awe-inspiring temple. You could even become a part of history by having a ceremony here…

Moving South-East Black Pearl Weddings are now contemplating an Antipodean venue. Home to some of the greatest shows on earth, stylish design, and surrounded by the Royal Botanic Gardens and Sydney Harbour, this venue could comfortably house a ceremony of any size. Additionally, sourcing live music would probably not take too much effort!

Themes and designs would look truly incredible with this building as your canvas.

Our penultimate selection here truly embodies the heart of mystique and extravagance. Spanning the corners of both Asia and Africa, it is truly one of the most amazing places on the globe. Home to the only remaining member of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Great Pyramid of Giza, among a number of other splendours, it is of course, Egypt.

As opposed to our previous selections, Black Pearl Weddings would suggest that this could be a breath taking location for an outdoor ceremony. We feel that the ultimate backdrop to your day would be the mysterious sphinx, alongside the 3 pyramids outside of Cairo. Assuming you can take the heat, this could be a ceremony fit for a pharaoh, in a setting that has truly stood the test of time, spanning over 5 millennia.

Drawing our blog search to a close, Black Pearl Weddings have selected two places we feel are jointly suited to housing a truly romantic outdoor occasion. The first is the Maldives, a small republic located in the Indian Ocean.  Coupled up white sands and crystal blue ocean, with tropical palms and magical underwater restaurants, with views of oceanic life passing by, the Maldives would certainly set the mood for a relaxing and loving honeymoon like no other.

And finally, in contrast to the previous selection, we look at Iceland. With volcanic springs, the indulgent blue lagoon, and one of nature’s greatest phenomena, the Northern Lights, Iceland truly has an array of gorgeous features to suit your special day. 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Divine Destinations

With the winter almost upon us, Black Pearl Weddings felt this is the perfect time to explore some of the most beautiful locations around the globe, each capable of playing home to a wedding like no other.

Firstly, we chose probably the ultimate fairy-tale castle, a building that has been inspiration for nearly a century and a half for artists, film makers, authors, and a huge array of other creative talent, including non-other than Disney, in their seminal animation, Sleeping Beauty. It is, of course, Neuschwanstein Castle.

Built by King Ludwig, throughout the 1870’s 1880’s and even the 1890’s as a redevelopment of the previous castle that had played home to generations of his family since the middle ages, this spectacular palace situated in Bavaria, at the edge of the Alpine foothills and overlooking the huge Forggensee reservoir.

Interestingly, the Palace design was born not just from romantic architectural styles of the period, but also out of reverence for the mighty works of stalwart composer Richard Wagner, with much of the décor depicting scenes from a range of the legendary opera’s Wagner gave us.

Truly spectacular, Neuschwanstein Castle is a Palace like no other, and looks magical in winter. The interior boasts some of the finest style of any period.

Secondly, we are selecting Bran Castle, a landmark with a unique historical significance. Dating as far back as 1212 originally, this Romanian castle may well appeal to those who wish to indulge in a little gothic twist.

Located in the unmistakable Romanian territory of Transylvania, this castle is closely linked to Vlad III and is considered among many as the inspiration for the home of the iconic fictional character, Count Dracula.

With a stunning panorama encompassing the Carpathian mountains, and a rich regional tapestry dating back to the days of ancient Rome and the conquests undertaken to create the longest lasting empire in history, there is no shortage of inspiration, and this could serve as the ultimate location for a wedding in late autumn, with magical atmosphere like nowhere else.

Moving across to sunnier climes, Black Pearl Weddings next choice pays homage to traditional church weddings, yet on an entirely new level. The Patriarchal cathedral that is St Marks Basilica is located in one of the most romantic places on earth, non-other than the inimitable Venice.

A central location within the intricate canal system that famously runs throughout the entire city, St Marks Basilica is considered one of the most important structures from the medieval Byzantine style employed by the later Roman Empire, and was erected in the 11th Century. 

What could be more exquisite that taking a Gondola ride through the music filled waterways en route to your special day, before marrying in one of the most incredible buildings on earth, and then indulging in the famous cuisine and wine of Italy? At Black Pearl Weddings, we are hard pressed to think of anything.

Staying in one of the most historical and splendid places on the globe, there is of course one other location that could be considered a worthy contender for the most special place of all. Home to the man considered in Christianity as the closest to God, interior design from the greatest of the high renaissance artistes – Michaelangelo, and the heart of the Vatican, this could only be the Sistine Chapel.

And where else could boast such a range of sights, activities, and fine living, than Rome? Again, Black Pearl Weddings feel that this could well be the ultimate destination for a wedding.

But we will continue our search and share with you our findings in blog posts to come…

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Black Lace And Bows

Taking the wedding world by storm, Black & White is proving the colour theme to style your special day this season. Favoured by a cavalcade of designers, not least of all Vera Wang in her spring 2014 collection of to-die -for wedding gowns styled in monochrome, these juxtaposed colours hold great significance, nostalgic of the golden age of cinema. Utilising these two colours will help you channel your favourite of the silver screen stars, and will look stylish, simple and elegant.

Not only a gorgeous composition, Black & White will also provide a stunning back drop to really showcase a splash of bold, bright colour; the options of how to work this theme are virtually limitless. Black Pearl Weddings are proud to unveil our most recent inspiration board; dedicated to the simplicity and beauty of is theme. We have opted to bring to the fore, a collaboration of mixed black laces and bows, set against bold white.

Image Source 
Wedding Favours: Accent The Party
Wedding Cake: Real Simple 
Wedding Invite: Happy Ever After

*** Win A Pair Of Sumptuous White Ruffle Lace Trim Gloves ***

As we are sure you have noticed, at Black Pearl Weddings we have truly embraced the beauty of Art Deco as one of this year’s most important fashion influences. This picture demonstrates just how feminine and sophisticated this style can be, and will really make you stand out from the crowd.

With Autumn/Winter 2013 weddings and the party season rapidly approaching, we can all do with elegant accessories to aid us with looking our best for any occasion. Therefore, Black Pearl Weddings are giving away one pair of sumptuous white ruffle lace trim gloves featuring a prominent bow, to one of our followers, as shown by the gorgeous model pictured. All you have to do to be in with a chance to receive these treasures is email us at, telling us how the gloves would look perfect with your party or wedding attire. The winner will be announced mid-October.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Black Pearl Weddings Meets Glitzy Secrets

Purveyors of beautiful bespoke wedding jewellery, Glitzy Secrets are an award winning design house who see their pieces stocked throughout the UK. Pieces from Glitzy Secrets are priced to accommodate every level of budget, with style and quality foremost in their work. 

Please can you tell us a little bit about your business?  

Back in 2004, my business brain merged with my creative side and Glitzy Secrets was born. Fast-forward to the present day and we are now an award-winning company specialising in wedding accessories, with a team dedicated to helping brides-to-be find the perfect jewels for their special day. Our designs can be seen regularly gracing the pages of your favourite bridal magazines and the glossies, with TV appearances on popular shows from Downton Abbey to Strictly Come Dancing.

What type of products do you offer? 

Our collections are inspired by the beauty of iconic vintage eras. From dramatic Deco style headpieces and bejewelled hair combs worthy of a 1940s Hollywood Starlet, to chic 1950s inspired pearl earrings and statement encrusted cuffs, our range offers diverse high-quality ‘heirloom pieces’ with a purse-friendly price tag. Whether a bride-to-be is looking to complete her bridal look or a customer is attending a glamorous evening occasion that requires a hint of high-octane glamour, our jewels are all about adding classic and timeless vintage sparkle.

How do your products appeal to the modern bride? 

Our collection appeals to the bride who wants to incorporate classic bygone style into her wedding day. Whether she is opting for full-on vintage style or combining antique charm with modern influences, our designs can be coordinated for the perfect unique look. With prices starting at just £12 and beautifully presented in branded blush pink and black gift boxes, Glitzy Secrets’ jewels are ideal for bridesmaid gifts too, creating a stress-free shopping experience for brides-to-be.

 How does your jewellery influence a wedding?

I like to think our jewellery simply completes a bride’s look giving her the confidence to glide down the aisle knowing she looks radiant. That said, more and more couples are opting for a specific wedding theme and accessories are perfect to enhance detail – think Art Deco inspired jewels to really play up a Great Gatsby theme or dramatic 1940s sparkles for a Vintage Hollywood theme.

What advice would you give a bride when selecting wedding jewellery? 

Aside from the usual advice of finding a gown before considering wedding jewellery, I always advise brides-to-be to stay true to their own style and simply enhance it. If you adore high-fashion and don’t want to go for classic jewellery, opt for a single statement piece instead. In contrast, if you favour delicate jewels, don’t feel pressured into wearing dramatic gems. It’s all about complementing your overall style to give you the confidence to relax and enjoy your precious day. 

All images supplied by Glitzy Secrets.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, Can I Have Your Attention Please..? (Part 2)

So having given consideration to the Ladies’ role in supporting a prospective couple, Black Pearl Weddings are now going to turn our attention the “Best Man”. Famous for delivering the first and probably most memorable speech of the day, there is actually far more to this role than most chaps realise, often exceptionally keen and enthusiastic act the role for their lifelong friend or close relative.

So what really factors into the role? Black Pearl Weddings would like to present you with an insight into the magnitude of the title Best Man.

Prior to the Wedding, the Best Man is responsible for:

Planning the stag party is one of your biggest responsibilities. While the actual event often becomes a raucous and a little bit messy, it is your duty to make sure that the groom gets home safely, without compromising his ability to turn up for the wedding. It may be worth actually holding the event a few days or a week prior to the ceremony, to allow a recovery period so that on the actual day everyone feels fresh and well rested,

Organise and attend the tuxedo/suit fitting. It is also worth remembering that many couples planning a wedding on a lower budget are going to be unable to afford the cost of renting multiple suits, so it is a great gesture to offer to pay for your own.

Be present at the rehearsal. Shortly before the actual wedding, a rehearsal will take place at the actual location. As Best Man, it is imperative you are there, as you play a critical role throughout the ceremony, so arrive punctually, preferably ten minutes early. The rehearsal is unlikely to last very long, probably around an hour at the most, so it is not going to take too much out of your day.

Duties for the Best Man during the Ceremony & Reception 

Spend your time with the groom as he prepares for his wedding. Keep him calm, relaxed and sober, and offer reassurance.

Check that the groom has everything he needs, for the wedding and for the honeymoon as well, if he is not returning to his home before departing with his bride. Check for the marriage license, that everything is packed, and that the luggage, tickets and passport are present.

Drive the groom to the venue, arriving about 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to commence.

Distribute the boutonnières among the grooms men ensuring they are fitted correctly. They should be located in the left lapel’s buttonhole of the blaxers/jackets. If the suit has no buttonhole, affix them with a pin.

Enter the ceremony alongside the groom. Whilst the  wedding processional changes according to religion/belief or wedding type generally the minister or priest, best man, and groom enter the venue first.

Keep the groom’s ring safe. You are singularly responsible for providing the ring at the given time in the ceremony. There is no room for manoeuvre with this, it is the pinnacle of importance regarding your responsibility, so don’t allow for any error.

Stay calm and composed – read some of our previous recent blog posts for further information on this

Exit the venue accompanying the maid/matron of honor once the ceremony is completed.

After the wedding, you will normally be requested to witness and sign the marriage license, so keep a good working pen handy.

During the reception, share a dance with the matron/maid of honour and bridesmaids.

Commence the toasting with your speech. This is probably the job you will be most anxious to get right about. Take the opportunity to peruse our blog post from June this year to gain pointers for a successful speech.

Decorate the car that the couple will use to drive off happily into the sunset. Find an opportunity throughout the reception to pop outside with the grooms men at your side and begin the work. Without risking damage to the car, and keeping it in reasonably good taste, there are no rules or guidelines on how or what to do, so just have fun with this task.

And finally, once the wedding has finished and the couple are honeymooning, return the suits to the rental shop, or have them dry cleaned in preparation for the grooms return.

So as you can see, these two roles actually incorporate a lot more responsibility than many people would realise, but the pay off is in knowing the huge contribution you have made to a perfect day, seeing how impressed the guests are with your endeavours, and the lifelong gratitude you will receive from the happy couple.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, Can I Have Your Attention Please..?

Behind every wedding, there are two crucial roles, integral to ensuring the seamless and stress-free running of the day. These are of course, the “Best Man” and “Maid/Matron of Honour”.

Being asked to perform in one of these roles is considered an honour, and shows the true amount of trust and respect the couple truly have for you. But remember, the position comes with certain obligations, and you will have to be prepared for some hard work ahead.

As the ceremony ends, you will be among the main people held in regard for how beautiful the day has been, and a special thanks will be reserved for you. Additionally, in years to come, you will be remembered along with the ceremony itself for your stalwart contributions.

So, Black Pearl Weddings would like to share the true depth of responsibilities and look at the actual duties involved in this prestigious post.

As gentry requires, we will start with “Ladies first” and explore the role of Maid (Or Matron for those undertaking the role who are already joyfully married) of Honour:

Prior to the Wedding, the Maid of Honour is responsible for:

Organising the Bachelorette Party, (with the help of the bridesmaids if needed)

Assisting with wedding dress shopping and the sourcing wedding party's apparel.

Arrange a gift from the bridesmaids for the bride

Ensuring invitations are duly addressed and dispatched, alongside the bride-to -be

Helping the bride and the bridesmaids prepare for the ceremony on the morning of the big day.

Protecting the dress & veil as the bride transitions to the ceremony in her car

Duties for the Maid of Honour during the Ceremony & Reception:

Holding the wedding bouquet throughout the ceremony.

Ensuring the Bridesmaids are correctly positioned and aware of their own duties.

Remaining at the bride’s side Acting as her ring bearer if nobody else has been appointed.

Adjusting the Wedding gown and veil as and when necessary to guarantee it looks perfect.

Collect all the wedding gifts offered to the couple.

Work with the bride throughout the photography.

Support the bride to change into her honey-moon departure attire.

Once the wedding is finished, the final duties are:

Retaining and looking after the Wedding gown.

Ensure the gifts are all looked after and kept safe for the couple.

Making sure the bride and groom have the tickets booked for return journeys, and that they have a point of contact if anything arises during their honeymoon.

Checking their home periodically to see that all is as it should be/pets are looked after (unless other arrangements have been made)

So if you find yourself taking on the coveted position, please take a minute to absorb the depth of the role. Any ladies lucky enough to be a Maid or Matron of Honour on a wedding being planned at present, please feel free to drop Black Pearl Weddings a line, whether you face a dilemma, or are unsure about what you need to do next and would like a bit of advice, or simply want a bit of reassurance that you are approaching the task the best way.

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Purveyors of high quality vintage styled jewellery, the Vintage Swallow are a leading provider of bespoke wedding accessories. Black Pearl Weddings are incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to get to know Caroline, the Manager of this superb retailer, and are proud to share this with our audience.

Please can you tell us a little bit about your business?

The Vintage Swallow provides good quality, vintage inspired wedding ware to the UK. We aim to bring a collection of unique vintage designers by offering authentic vintage items as well as modern day replicas and classic vintage inspired designs. Additionally, through our decade details pages, The Vintage Swallow endeavours to support brides with the knowledge they need to pull off their vintage themed weddings in style and authenticity.

What type of products do you offer?

The Vintage Swallow sells vintage venue decorations, table decorations, favours, Bridal accessories and giftware. Everything from Bracelets to Bunting. In fact, we can provide everything but the dress!

How do your products appeal to the modern bride?

The Vintage Swallow enables the modern bride to easily source cost effective vintage wedding decorations and accessories in one place. We price our products competitively so that couples will not find anything of a similar quality at a better price. Every part of a wedding is special, so we believe buying your decorations and accessories should be an enjoyable experience, which is why all our products are packed with custom packaging, boxes, tissue and ribbons. A special touch that is frequently remarked on by our Brides.

How does your jewellery influence a wedding?

All our jewellery is made by individual UK designers, which means that every piece is unique in style. Such strong designs often influence the era or colour themes that Brides go for. In particular, our Michal Negrin jewellery often dictates which direction a Bride takes the rest of her wedding planning.

What advice would you give a Bride when selecting wedding jewellery?

Always check with your supplier about returns policies. It is vital to try on your jewellery with your dress, and if it does not look right you can save yourself a fortune by being able to return unwanted items. Remember, hygiene regulations mean that all earrings for pierced ears are non-returnable!

All Images are courtesy of The Vintage Swallow

Please visit their website for more details The Vintage Swallow

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Don't forget the kids.

When planning your wedding, it is vital not to forget the younger guests. Inevitably, a portion of your guests are going to bring their children. Therefore, consideration has to be given to their shorter attention span so that the experience can be as enjoyable for those of more tender years.

With this in mind, Black Pearl Weddings are sharing some of our favourite ways to keep children of all ages entertained.

Firstly, a simple way to keep the children occupied during the ceremony, which can seem lengthy for the younger ones, is perhaps to have portable/hand held computer games or tablet pc available, with a selection of games. By using the silent setting or having the volume turned down low, disruption can be avoided while preventing our young guests from becoming bored.

With the ceremony out of the way, it's time to look at making the reception child friendly.

One of the key points is to remember the entertainment. Whilst wedding planning will usually incorporate sourcing ideal entertainment for the adults, the children will benefit even more from carefully selected entertainment. Whatever style you choose, be it music, magic, comedy or anything else, take the opportunity to methodically vet your entertainer, ensuring that the act is able to appeal to children of all ages, and has ample acts to truly capture the attention of the younger guests. If possible, go and see the entertainer in action prior to booking, to get a real idea of what is on offer.

Another simple but highly effective treat for the younger guests is to provide a create your own desert table. This sure fire success will please everyone and can be achieved on a lower budget.

Consider a kids corner, room or tent set up with games or computer games, that will serve as a way to bring the children together and really interact. It could be worth setting up an arts and crafts area, or even offer a team building set of exercises like sports or the tug of war, with adequate supervision.

There are some old fashioned traditions that simply cannot be overlooked. Bouncy castles, fancy dress, face painting and party bags are all tried and tested activities that never fail to please younger guests, and really liven up their day.

Whilst it is great to offer these activities, it is also worth having a chat with the parents prior to the day, so that the kids can bring their favourite toys; therefore they will have something that is familiar and comforting.
It is also absolutely crucial to allow the children the chance to come and join the adult activities; kids will always light up the dance floor and show real appreciation for great entertainment.

A final suggestion is to have professionals on hand. A mobile crèche or professional babysitter will come at a reasonable price, and knowing that your children are well looked after and safe while they are enjoying the day will give the parents in attendance a chance to let down their hair and enjoy themselves free from stress.