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Monday, 1 June 2015

Honour deceased loved one at your wedding

When planning a wedding, the first thing a couple think about are who they want to invite. Your wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment to one another, and that is something generally to be shared with your loved ones. But sadly, there are often close loved ones who are no longer able to join the celebration, yet you know they would have loved to have seen you wed.

Black Pearl Weddings would like to share some advice on a sensitive matter – incorporating deceased loved ones into your special day. The way to honour the memory of your loved one/s no longer with us can be as subtle as you like, yet will profoundly influence the feeling of the day in a truly beautiful way. Black Pearl Weddings would suggest however to gently approach the subject with any other loved ones who could be sensitive to their passing.

The first of our tips to treasure the memory of your loved one/s is to consider something elegant yet discreet, such as having the bouquet interspersed with beloved pictures.

Another idea involving the bouquet is to take one of the flowers and place it on one of the seats which will be left empty, to subtly acknowledge their absence and commemorate their place within your heart.

The final bouquet based idea is to select flowers you know your loved ones preferred, to cherish their influence during the ceremony.

During the ceremony, a lit candle or a moment of silence is always a touching recognition that people present will appreciate whether or not they knew the deceased.

Thinking about a way that would be sharing something with the rest of the guest list, perhaps a favourite meal or family recipe could become a part of your menu, or perhaps a favourite song of theirs could be among the first of your chosen playlist; a toast to absent friends is always a classic nod to those you have loved and lost, especially combined with their favourite drink for the toast.

The final touch Black Pearl Weddings would like to offer relates to the favours. Perhaps a favourite of your deceased such as a type of chocolate or similar, or a donation made to a charity close to their heart instead of a favour will always go down well.

Of course it is a sensitive and moving concept, and is something that will be highly personal, so whichever idea is most suited to you is all that matters. Black Pearl Weddings sincerely hope this blog post offers some direction around how to honour your beloved.