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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Black Pearl Weddings Meets Rosa Loren

Antipodean boutique Rosa Loren are world renowned for their fabulous wedding accessories. Founded from years working within the fashion and film industries has enabled Rosa Loren to cultivate a truly spectacular range of stylish items and accessories that will really compliment wedding or special occasion attire. 

Here, Black Pearl Weddings learn a little more about this supplier par excellence.

Please can you tell us a little bit about your business?

I work from my studio in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia shipping worldwide. It’s a wonderful place to live in the world – almost always bright and sunny and sub-tropically warm. Flowers bloom all year round and colours somehow seem brighter and more intense. It is out of this environment that Rosa Loren was born. I have a passion to create beautiful things and the opportunity to brighten people’s lives with those beautiful things is marvellous. 

In 2012, after years working in the fashion, film and wedding industry, I opened Bouquet by Rosa Loren as an online outlet. Originally dedicated to bouquets of my handmade signature satin roses, the range quickly grew to include matching satin rose boutonnieres, corsages, veils, head dresses, and shoe bows.

Funky brides who want a modern edge can work directly with me to create a spectacular and unique bouquet or they can shop prĂȘt-a-porter from the current range on display in store. Working with brides to help them create even the smallest details for their dream day is something very rewarding. 

Increasingly I have found that there are many brides who are very keen to incorporate tartan into their weddings. As such, I have opened a sister store, The Tartan Shop by Rosa Loren, specifically to showcase the possibilities of accessorising with tartan for both men and women for any special event. These little details mean so much.

What type of products do you offer?

I work with a combination of satin, leather and feathers to create bouquets of any colour, yes, blue, black or purple roses – anything is possible! With sprays of pearl beads and lots of bling they are innovative, modern alternatives to fresh flowers. The core reason many choose a Rosa Loren bouquet is for their uniqueness - totally made from scratch and incomparable to what you can find available at the local florist.

What’s best of all is that these bouquets will never wilt or fade. It is so ominous the way a bridal bouquet slowly withers and dies. Rosa Loren flowers will look as fresh when you renew your vows in years to come as they do on your wedding day. You are not purchasing a one-day-wonder! They are truly keepsakes that can be passed down the generations - your daughter will want to carry your bouquet down the aisle when she marries.

There’s no concern about allergies or pollen stains either. Not to mention that all your flowers will arrive well in advance and everyone can relax - no waiting for a last minute delivery from the florist on the day of the wedding. A beautiful bouquet or boutonniere also makes a great gift for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

Rosa Loren’s accessories range includes sassy little veils; hair flowers; and bows to take your shoes from day to dazzling night-life! They are bold, never understated and meant to get attention. They appeal more widely to all funky fashionistas, not just the bridal market and are very popular gifts for birthdays, Mothers’ Day, Christmas….any special event.

What are your most popular products?

Rosa Loren bows! I’ve been told I have the best bows ever. And they go everywhere – around bouquets, in the hair, on sashes, on gloves, clipped on shoes…. Shoe bows make another great gift for the bridesmaids and can finish off your look like the cherry on top! And again, they’re not just for weddings. They come in satin, velvet, organza or vinyl and can be enhanced with pearls and rhinestones for that essential element – bling!

How does your service appeal to the modern couple?

The modern bride and groom either wants help to create a whole look; to create an eclectic look with pieces they can mix and match; or they want to finish off their own unique style with select pieces. This is where accessorising is so important. It’s all about choice and working directly with a designer, such as at Rosa Loren, gives you more options - whether it’s getting roses in your perfect colour; getting bows in your family tartan; or being able to accessorise the whole bridal party to tie in your wedding theme.

Furthermore, many couples want something ‘different’. They love traditions but they want to make them their own, to do it in their own unique way. I am inspired by the fresh, innovative working of retro style – very classic, yet very modern; for those wanting to create their own timeless look which is still very en trend. It’s great to be able to work with someone who can show you the way through a process that can be very daunting. I keep communication a priority when working with couples – there’s no middleman - you know exactly who you are working with.

Today’s modern bridal couple is also very savvy. They know that details and quality are important and they need to be able to make sense of price. Working to a wise budget recognises that anything with a life extended beyond the wedding day is money well spent. The Rosa Loren motto is “…once upon a time should last happily ever after”. The days of the throw away society are fast fading as couples are demanding quality and a long shelf life for what they pay for.

What advice would you give a couple when selecting your products?

Most importantly - don’t leave anything to the last moment! Planning a wedding can be stressful enough without waiting for last minute deliveries that may be unavoidably delayed in the mail. It can be so disappointing when you have your heart set on something and it falls through due to bad timing.

Furthermore, take a good look at everything that is available and keep an open mind about how you can create your own unique, individual look. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to realise your visions. When you shop at Rosa Loren you aren’t shopping from a large corporation. Clicking one of the “message” buttons in store will get you straight through to the owner and designer. It’s more than customer support, it’s part of the new way of buying and selling online – it’s more human; it makes sense.

All Images courtesy of Rosa Loren.

To see more from Rosa Lore please visit Bouquet by Rosa Loren and The Tartan Shop by Rosa Loren

Sunday, 8 February 2015

"Ethnic Bride Series" - Destination St Lucia

Our latest instalment of Black Pearl Weddings "The Ethnic Bride Series" focuses on a very special Island, close to the heart of Black Pearl Weddings; none other than St Lucia. 

In the West Indies, St Lucia is a Sovereign Island country rich with history, and sumptuous sights and attractions. Located closely to the islands of Saint Vincent, Barbados and Martinique, St Lucia is one of the “Windward Islands”, and as such, it is host to many magnificent Caribbean cruises, with boat rides to other nearby islands easily accessible. 

One of the main features boasted by the beautiful Island is Sulphur Springs, the "world's only drive in volcano", with the water located at the centre of the springs boiling at approximately 340 Fahrenheit or 170 Celsius, thus creating large plumes of steam. Resulting from this magnificent feat of nature are divine volcanic springs to bathe in early in the morning before it becomes too hot!

Another major advantage of giving consideration to having a destination wedding on St Lucia are the white sand beaches, and crystal blue seas vibrant with tropical fish – St Lucia is a perfect place to hold you wedding and honeymoon jointly in such a scenic and romantic isle. There are exquisitely simple yet luxurious huts but a stones throw away for the perfect accommodation, Set closely to the picturesque beaches, St Lucia has some truly breath-taking flora and fauna, the country hosting one of the planet’s most spectacular botanical gardens, the “Diamond Falls Botanical Garden”.

St Lucia also boasts delicious, fresh food, with a huge component of the country’s trade being fishing and also growing fruits and vegetable. Additionally, the West Indies are famed for a wonderfully relaxed pace of life and warm, friendly locals.

The final wonderful attraction that we are going to focus on in this blog is Pigeon Island, a 40-acre) islet located in Gros Islet in north Saint Lucia. Previously isolated in the Caribbean Sea, the island was attached to the western coast of St Lucia in 1972 by a man-made causeway built from dirt excavated, forming the Rodney Bay Marina. Composed of two peaks the island is a historic site with numerous forts such as an 18th-century British fort and Fort Rodney and is home to the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Black Pearl Weddings Meets Green4Screen

Black Pearl Weddings are delighted to present service providers of brilliance, Green 4 Screen.

Specialising in combining photography with cutting edge technology, Green 4 Screen offer an entirely unique service for weddings. Offering a full complement of services including a photographer for the occasion, a mobile green screen, and assistive technology for instant image capture, alongside a display instantly showing the photographs, so that you can be assured in having only the very best images for your wedding album. 

Utilising their image enhancing technology, Green 4 Screen can then creatively manipulate the image to alter the background to any you desire, creating absolutely bespoke images for your special day.

Not only this, but this spectacular technology comes with a presenter as well as skilled photographer and image enhancer. Green 4 Screen also offer a package including entertainment for your day including Karaoke, so that the image taking process can continue into the evening while participating in your desired activities. 

So let the creative collaboration flow during your ceremony, knowing that Green 4 Screen are truly able to offer you a photography service in a league of its own.

Images courtesy of Green 4 Screen 
For more information, please visit