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Sunday, 29 March 2015

"Say Cheese"

Many of us may not care much about photos or how we look in them but when it comes to our wedding photo’s we ALL care. For that one day we believe that flawless is the only look acceptable and it’s an image I think will be visited again and again, so here’s a little info on the wonderful world of wedding photography.

Depending on your preference the choices vary from

Film-digital, your pictures in colour-black/white or both

Styles range from traditional-artistic where your images are now available for you to take home on disks, USB’s or photo books/albums (available in an array of colours).

Prices will differ of course in accordance to what you’d like but can start from around £1,200 for full day coverage- £950 for 6 hours and £350 for 2 hours.

Some couples like the idea of hiring their photographer for engagement or pre wed shots which has become quite popular.

As there are many wedding photographers that offer a wide range of options it can be slightly overwhelming trying to decide who to select for this all important day, so I say take your time, narrow your choices down, arrange to meet your chosen few along with their portfolios and take it from there.

So whether its 6 hours or full day coverage, documentary digital or old school traditional style there’s definitely the perfect  photographer out there for you that will make your special day come to life every time you lay eyes on your photo’s.

Lastly here’s a few of my favourite shots for you all to enjoy

Sunday, 15 March 2015

South American Wedding Tradition

South America is a magnificent continent, home to rainforests rich with flora and fauna, magnificent tropical beaches, delicious cuisine and a world famous party culture. Here, Black Pearl Weddings focus on some of the wedding traditions observed throughout South America, firstly focusing on Brazil.

It is customary in Brazil for the wedding rings to be engraved, with the name of the wearer’s spouse, and tradition dictates that the Bride must arrive ten minutes later than when the ceremony is scheduled to take place, although she must not arrive later than the groom.

Another widely observed tradition is that as the groom carries his new bride over the threshold of their home or hotel, he must do so right foot first.

During the reception party, the guests will feast on casadinhos, or “Marry Well” cookies, and toast the happy couple with a cocktail known as caipirinha, made from Lime, sugar and cacha├ža a sugar cane beverage. The name casadinhos translates into “A person coming from the countryside”. The couple will also give presents to their parents as part of the celebrations.

Finally, Brazilian Brides often walk around the tables carrying a basket with "lembrancinhas". Each guest gets an object which to commemorate the wedding, similar to favours.

Moving across to Argentina, generally a newly engaged couple won’t hold engagement parties. When they do, they are a private, family affair. However, the wedding will normally be a big party. The bride and groom often open any gifts in front of guests at the party.

Parents/grandparents will often provide the gold with which the new wedding ring will be made, using a necklace or some other item. During the wedding ceremony the bride and groom wear engagement rings, made from silver and thinner than their wedding rings.

In Chile the wedding rings are also exchanged at the engagement. When the couple is engaged they have a ring on their right hand. After the wedding they'll have it on their left hand.

Venezuelan tradition expects the groom to ask for permission before proposing from his prospective father-in-law. There will be two wedding ceremonies, both a civil and a church one, with the civil ceremony taking place a fortnight before the church wedding.

Both will have a reception party, during which the bride & groom will just disappear, as supposedly brings good luck to their union.

Charms attached with ribbons will be placed between the layers of the wedding cake in Peru. Before the cake is cut, each single woman present at the reception pulls a ribbon. Peruvian belief is that the woman who pulls the ribbon with the ring attached will marry within a year.

In Colombia, a beautiful "candle ceremony" takes place shortly after the wedding ceremony; whereby the happy couple light a candle each. The lit candles are then used to light a third one, together, symbolic of their unity, and new life during which they'll share everything.

Colombian Brides wed in a long, white wedding dress. At the wedding reception, all single guests place a shoe under the brides dress. Groom then selects one shoe, the owner of which will be next to marry.

Colombian bride often puts a coin in her shoe as a symbol of her wish not to get into situation where she would be without basic stuff in life.

In Ecuadorian wedding receptions, the bride and groom give their parents special presents, normally items used by the bride and groom as children.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

DIY Bride - Make your own fascinators

To complete a stunning bridal ensemble or occasion attire, one thing is key, and that is the headpiece. Selecting whether an understated and elegant fascinator, or an opulent number fit for a princess, the headpiece will finish the image off beautifully and reflect your style. 

For bespoke design and creation of headpieces, Kokoberi Bespoke Headpieces can take your idea and preference, working with you to create the perfect head wear for your occasion.

Here, Black Pearl Weddings are delighted to share some information passed to us by incredibly talented Matilda, designer and founder of the stunning Kokoberi Bespoke Headpieces.

Make your own fascinators, to match your personal style or to suit a special outfit – in easy steps with video! 

Matilda Warr of Kokoberi Bespoke Headpieces teaches you in easy stages and with lots of clear pictures how to make a variety of gorgeous fascinators, with 12 projects. 

In detailed video clips she demonstrates all the different techniques, so you can follow exactly how everything is done. Each fascinator is presented on a real model to show how is it worn and how it looks from several angles – a great help when you are trying to choose which fascinator will suit you and your hairstyle. 

Learn how to make fabric flowers, so you can create your own fascinator designs, not limited by the size and shape of the ready-made flowers you can buy. Most of the materials Matilda uses are readily available, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve a stunning professional finish. 

Matilda Warr runs her own accessory design company, Kokoberi Bespoke Headpieces, from her base in Birmingham, UK. Her designs focus on handmade flowers of various materials, customised for each of her clients. Some of her designs are also sold through Sapelle, a stockist in London and the USA. 

She is inspired by Haute Couture. In May 2014 Kokoberi was chosen as a finalist for the Midlands Fashion Awards. Matilda has a wide experience in design, having worked as an interior designer and a graphic designer. She also has a degree in Integrated Design, from Germany, and has recently released a magnificent ebook to be the perfect companion while considering your headpiece.

For More Information please see


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

New York Calling !

Our newest blog is dedicated entirely to what many refer to as the greatest city on Earth… New York. With songs written to celebrate its glory by stars of the highest calibre, New York is home to some of the most renowned landmarks on the face of the earth, and has a veritable plethora of wedding possibilities.

Firstly, there are some absolutely breath-taking hotels to stay in during your stay. Overlooking the iconic Madison Square Garden venue is the legendary New Yorker hotel, a magnificent tribute to the days of silver screen, and the era of Art Deco. Having played host to a list of superstars, what better way to start your special day than being collected in a vintage Bugatti from the spectacular lobby of this hotel?

Another huge benefit associated with New York is its world famous link to the fashion industry. Whether the bridesmaids cannot agree on a coordinated style, the groom is struggling to select his suit, or you cannot find the rings you both adore, you will surely find what is needed around Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Canal Street Market and of course Soho.

Home to so much musical history, and with an array of jazz or blues bars, Broadway and much more, there is a cornucopia of live talent for your reception, not forgetting Coney Island, famed for its world class entertainment and theme park.

You could also rest assured that whatever you decided upon for a wedding breakfast menu would be as enjoyable as any meal you've ever tasted. The culinary options in new York are just too varied to list, but the gourmet cuisine is truly haute.

But most importantly, the vital question lies in where you would tie the knot. Black Pearl Weddings have decided upon our favourite 3 choices, which we would like to share with our readers.

1.     Central Park. A park with as much character and fame as anything else in New York, Central Park could easily host a ceremony year round. In the summer, with its lush green backdrop and plentiful space, alongside the unique Belvedere Castle, Central Park could yield some awe inspiring wedding photographs; but perhaps winter is the most magical time to marry there, with the whole park white under a blanket of snow, creating an ethereal glow to the day, Central Park often hosts outdoor ice-skating in the coldest season of the year, giving a truly memorable place a truly nostalgic feel.

2.       Standing proudly atop Liberty Island is New York’s magnificent Statue of Liberty, a triumphant symbol of hope and success, two of the core sentiments guiding marriage. A wedding ceremony conducted on one of the ferries or perhaps a yacht under her lady’s watchful gaze would be as unique as the statue itself.
3.       The Chrysler Building, a skyscraper like no other, with mind-blowing design detail and a hugely expansive view of the city, one could almost feel like Grace Kelly standing at the top of the illustrious tower in a wedding gown. One thing would be for sure, and that is that you would literally feel on top of the world!

But with a choice as varied as New York, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your wedding!