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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Art Deco Influence On Weddings

Art Deco is a style that many will be familiar with, and often without even realizing it.

A seminal artistic movement born in 1920’s France, and really flourishing throughout the 1930’s and early 40’s before waning Post-World War Two, this influenced culture throughout much of the Western world.

The visual nature of Art Deco inspired not only painters and illustrators, but in fact was so influential a style that it became a highly sought after commodity, employed by architects, clothing designers, hair stylists, cinematographers and theatre producers,  and even motor car manufacturers.

 Classic 1938 Bugatti Type 57c Atalante

Art Deco embodied luxury, glamour, and symbolized the growing belief in both social & technological progression, epitomizing a style that embraced symmetry and lent itself perfectly to the concept of mass production. This was a growing trend, adopted within the Haute Couture industry, to enable designers to create a “collection” or range of garments of the finest quality, to be revealed during fashion shows, that could easily be produced on a greater scale according to demand.

So how has Art Deco influenced weddings, and still maintained a presence within style and design of ceremonies?

As Art Deco grew in popularity, not only the elite circles of high society desired its influence, but it rapidly became the style from which everyone sought inspiration. Social events required suitable dress style of the time, hair styling and even venue selection. This was no different for weddings, and the more elegantly the style incorporated the event was a statement of how exquisite the ceremony was.

Examples of this influence are:

Elegant hairstyle and headpiece in the traditional Art Deco style
The Lobby at Claridges Hotel, London

Dashing style demonstrated by iconic Silver Screen star Cary Grant
The trend in Hollywood at the present clearly demonstrates the resurgence in the theme of Art Deco, with one major example being the Great Gatsby, another seminal story based in the roaring twenties, with fabulous set pieces, costumes and design.

Soundtrack CoverMovie Poster

As you can see, the promotional artwork for this movie is a perfect example of the design style favoured in Art Deco. 

So here at Black Pearl Weddings, we anticipate that seeing stars of this calibre demonstrating the inherent elegance of Art Deco style in their costumes will have influence on the development of fashion for the 2014 collections and really inspire collections to incorporate the theme, with Bridal gowns and groom suits being no exception.

Here is some Art Deco Wedding Inspiration

 Art Deco-Inspired Wedding Dresses

Art Deco Cake