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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Having problems fitting in your ideal wedding dress? offers - Lipo Slim Cavitation , the incredible revolutionary technique which helps a person lose anything from 1cm to a maximum of 10cm or 4inches in a session.  

We have taken the opportunity to talk Sharika Raman the owner of to find out more:

Please can you tell me a little bit about your business? 
SvelteShape came about as a result of wanting to help people get from their weight to their desired goal. Knowing how medical conditions can arise from a heavier body frame, I found the solution to this , had gone from traditional liposuction in an operating room to the same results being achieved without any of the processes involved. It is taking the world by storm and it excites me to know that I will be part of the process where lots of people look and feel good by using this treatment.

What type of services do you offer?
Fat-loss over the chin, neck area and over the entire body area are easily possible with the brilliance of this treatment, in no more than 1 hour, a client can see themselves gradually lose dress sizes .Radio -Frequency treatment which helps to tighten loose skin around the body and face has a transformative effect on your over all look after the course of treatment has finished.The business will also offer in under 6 months, a vibrational plate which will tone and further sculpt the body in a 10 minute session to maintain the new body shape. As well as this there will be a product range of vitamins and minerals from a leading chinese health and fitness company for all the clients to purchase. The range of products is comprehensive.

 What can your service add to a wedding? 
The first thing a bride thinks about how they can look as beautiful as possible for there is nothing like their big day. Even ifa bride wants to lose 1cm or more over all to fit into their dress, or are interested to have smoother firmer facial skin,the products the business uses can achieve excellent results as early on 7 days from the date of their treatment, using radio frequency and after the 1st session using cavitation treatments.  It is refined enough that the reduction of fat or cellulite can be targeted so that only one area can be worked on, until the client is happy with their appearance. Both men and women can receive these treatments provided all medical questionnaires show that they will be no -reactions that are contrary to the treatment process.With advanced bookings all clients should continue to their wedding destination with a glowing feeling !

Are they are concerns that a person should consider with Ultrasonic cavitation ?
The benefits sharply out-weigh the efforts a client would make such as 1 hour of their time be taken , while allowing themselves to relax and enjoy the experience. There is no pain, as this is not an invasive procedure, with no time needed to recuperate. The treatments can be done in a lunch hour and this goes to show how easy it is for the client to resume their wedding preparations after that. Young brides and older brides would have the same regenerative effects bought to them by undergoing a radio-frequency treatment, to gain smoother skin, or lose a necessary 1 inch if they would like. They can have as many treatments as they need to fit into their bride's dress.

I am a mobile practitioner and therefore it is quite possible for the bride and groom and any other member of the wedding party to be treated in their hotel room. Short-notice bookings are also possible, and if there is availability in the diary they are welcome to take advantage of that. is currently running some amazing offers for all body and face treatments and I would be happy to liase with Kelle to organise a treatment time for you.

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