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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Styling your wedding photographs

Over the past few weeks, we have been blogging tips to assist those about to get married, and in keeping with that theme, we are now moving on to the post ceremony photo shoot. So for those planning their wedding, this blog is designed to help you maximize your wedding photography.
When you are ready for the collective group shots after the ceremony, there are some helpful hints to get the best from your shoot:

1. Check your appearance before posing for the photographs

Whether it’s a case of double checking your apparel is all in place, wiping some arbitrary sweat from your brow, or adjusting your make up to look fresh, a few minutes just to check yourself over will not only help you to look your best in the shots, but will also increase your confidence.

2. Remain happy and composed 

Try not to let emotions overcome you for the photo shoot, as these pictures will be with you for life, and the last thing you want to remind yourself of is feeling anxious, awkward, or overcome with emotion and tearful. The pictures will serve as nostalgia of true happiness, so concentrate on your elated feeling and let your joy shine through.

You may find it helpful to read our previous posts on composure for pointers on retaining your composure.

3. Relax and give natural poses

Some may find it tempting to give comedic poses, which always make for a fun shot, but it is crucial to find that all important balance to include an abundance of beautiful natural shots that really capture the ambience of the occasion.

4. Know your photographer

Try to establish a great rapport with your photographer beforehand, as knowing you will help them to know what is required to get the very best shots for you; they will also have experience and skill with creating the posed shots, so it is definitely worth really researching your photographer and communicating well with them to achieve photographic perfection.

5. Don’t rush

Allow plenty of time so that the photographer can capture a multitude of shots. Giving it that extra bot of time will yield great results, and feeling rushed won’t impede your ability to give superbly photogenic shots.

6. Picture partnership

People often have a natural tendency to pose for shots with people that they feel most comfortable with, but on this occasion, try to allow for the opportunity to be snapped with as many of the guests as possible. Instead of opting for shots with your own nearest and dearest, give the photographer the opportunity to capture you with the in-laws or those more distant guests. These pictures will increase the fond memories in years to come, and will really showcase the day.

7. Spousal Shots

The single most important aspect of the photoshoot, make sure that the photographer concentrates on shooting the very best possible shots of you and your betrothed. These shots are really the whole point of the shoot and reflect the purpose of the day – joining the two of you together in matrimony for a happy ever after. The better the shots, the more choice for a framed center piece on your mantelpiece.

Image source : Baby Swag