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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Meet The Make -Up Artist Behind 'Style Pearls of Wisdom'.

For our recent styled photo-shoots, shown in our 'Style Pearls of Wisdom' series, we enlisted the services of hugely talented up and coming Make Up Stylist Maisie Palmer. At just 18 years old, she shows incredible prowess and initiative, able to style make up worthy of the most prestigious events or cutting edge fashion. As well as being excited to see where Maisie's career takes her, we are thrilled to have had her on board and will be sure to work together in the future.

Here, Maisie tells us about herself and shares some invaluable advice from a professional perspective.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself ?

I am an 18 year old Make-up Artist from South East London. From the age of 14 I began teaching myself the application of make-up and discovered I had a huge passion for it and decided that this was my future career. I gained an Distinction in Fashion and Photographic make-up at the London College of Beauty Therapy in April and have proceeded to work make-up jobs ever since then.

Please tell us about the make-up you used in the recent 'Style Pearls of Wisdom' shoot?

The make-up style that was chosen for the shoot was based around the glitz and glamour of the 1920's, the make-up I used had to reflect that time period and the make-up women would wear back then. It was all about the smoky dark eyes, dark lips and rouged cheeks (which makes you think of what the girls wore on The only way is Essex)  but in a flattering way.  A quick tip to anyone wishing to recreate the 1920's make-up, start with the eyes first and then the foundation after, it makes it easier to clean up !

What advice would you give a bride on bridal make-up ?

The advice I'd give to a bride to be who is planning her make-up is to think  about what you would be most comfortable wearing on your big day. If you are a natural girl, its best not to go over board with bright red lips or a purple smoky eye ( unless you really want to ) but then again if you are used to being seen with bolder make-up and that is what you're comfortable with, then you  don't  have to feel the need to wear just the bare minimum. Bridal make-up doesn't have to be the standard neutral barely there make-up if you don't want it to , it should make you feel like yourself on your best day !

Do you have any tips on bridal make up that you could share ?

 Useful tips for wedding day make-up is :

* Use products that are long wearing and waterproof as it will be an emotional day and you don't want to look like a panda within a few hours !
* Use products with no SPF in as the SPF can create a white flashback on your wedding photographs, which isn't very flattering, unless you're a ghost !
*Pick a foundation that you know matches your skin colour and tone, if you are doing your own make-up on the day it is best to visit a make-up counter of your choice so they can match you to the correct colour of foundation.
* Practice in advance ! Whether you are booking a make-up artist or doing it alone, it is always best to have a trial of your make-up and test it out by taking some photos. It saves you from any last minute disasters on the day !

Maisie can be contacted on 07794357609 or at email