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Sunday, 8 December 2013

‘Style Pearls of Wisdom’ – the Synopsis

Over the past few weeks, here at Black Pearl Weddings, we have been truly in our element, immersed in our ‘Style Pearls of Wisdom’ series. It has been a journey of true niche, a collaboration of style and influence, in which we have explored the volume of opportunity to redesign your image for weddings, parties, or any other occasion. 

Working with our favourite style of the year, Art Deco, we have coordinated a handful of fabulous pieces of which we are tremendously proud. Perhaps we had the cards stacked in our favour, using such a timeless influence, but the resurgence of the Jazz Age this year has been simply relevant to avoid paying homage.

So our endeavours have culminated into a beautiful crescendo of fashion and elegance. Next week we will take the chance to recap over our choices, and throw out the questions – which ensemble did you love the most, and how if at all, would you alter them with your own personal touch?