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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Style Pearls Of Wisdom - Recap

After a seasonal break, Black Pearl Weddings are relishing 2014, and enthusiastic to watch all the coming trends unfold. So in tying up loose ends, we are posting our style pearls of wisdom finale, a recap of our beautiful styled photo-shoots from the end of 2013. We would like to pose the questions which ensemble appealed the most to you; and how if at all would you change it?

To see the full breakdown of each ensemble, simply click the links beneath each picture.

Firstly we had the stylish 1920's style flapper dress in gorgeous white/ cream, and embellished with exquisite, intricate bead & sequin design and black pearl. 

Our vision then progressed to the sophisticated black 1920’s Charleston Flapper dress, with delightful flower design set on monochrome.

The third combination was the formidable ivory lace dress, juxtaposed with a bold grey flower.


The fourth creation was the 1930's dress in stunning silver, accessorised with a combination that truly epitomised panache and debonair.

Our fifth selection is a stunning white lace dress with a sweetheart neckline from the Polish designer Ewa Godun