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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Black Pearl Weddings Meets Madox London

Outfitters extraordinaire, Madox of London bespoke suit tailors provide service of the highest calibre to gentlemen seeking the ultimate aesthetically complimentary garments.

With suits custom created to flatter the physique of all gents, the dashing appeal of Madox suits will truly elevate any mans image, whatever the occasion, and really get noticed.

Black Pearl Weddings and Madox had a hugely enjoyable tête-à-tête, and take the opportunity to share a little more about the sensational suit maker.

Please can you tell us a little bit about your business?

Madox is a design-led made-to-measure suit business, which designs and makes suits for (often) younger chaps. London has a great tailoring heritage and some wonderful craftsman and suppliers of cloth etc. so it is a superb place to get a suit made … but what we felt was missing was the attention to design to match this craftsmanship.

What type of products do you offer? 

In a word : suits. All kinds thereof. We also offer lots of advice and help on the whole outfit – whether that be what sort of shoes or tie to wear with the suit etc. – but our primary focus is the suit and we make all sorts. The defining feature of our suits is their cut : our suits retain traditional features such as working buttons and so on but are very sculpted and shaped, which affords the wearer a very flattering physique. 

What are your most popular products?

A navy two-piece suit … it is quite a traditional style and colour-palette, which works well for weddings or business, but we have found a very special cloth which has a slight sheen and two-tone texture which really makes it stand out … in a subtle, tasteful way.

How do your products appeal to the modern Groom? 

It is quite rare for grooms to wear full Morning Dress these days : most grooms will opt for a smart suit that can be re-worn after the wedding. This is our speciality : we have a range of methods which can add an appropriate dash of occasion to the suit on the day but leave the suit perfectly wearable afterwards for social or business occasions.

What advice would you give a Groom when selecting wedding suit?

Firstly, relax : this should be fun!

Then ….Think about the context of the wedding : the venue, the bride, your best men, the guests. Once you’ve got a general sense of the atmosphere you’d like to convey it is time to look at lots of photos (we have a digital scrapbook of ‘style icons’) to gradually note down what aspects of the suit appeal to you – you may not have noticed individual design aspects before but rather the overall impression each image forms. Then it is time to choose a fabric : the best thing here is to see and feel a few alternatives in person. After this there’ll be various fittings to tweak and perfect the suit as it’s being made to your specific body. This may all sound daunting when written down but your tailor (whoever that is) will be able to guide you from their experience and it is really exciting to see the progress from a simple piece of cloth into an actual suit which you’ve helped create .

One final thing is to get this done with plenty of time – making a suit properly will take between 8-10 weeks.

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