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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Top Tips For All Brides To Be.

As the planning stage of your wedding draws to a close, it is crucial to give consideration to everything so that stress is kept to a minimum, and things run seamlessly on your big day.

Black Pearl Weddings have compiled a list of those easy to forget points, in order to assist brides with their final stage of planning.

Firstly, we recommend that you should be well prepared for the post-reception night time and period until you embark upon your honeymoon. Think about how long you will want to stay and enjoy the celebrations, or if you would rather disappear with your new spouse. This can help you decide whether to stay somewhere near to the party, or instead have a more private and intimate location further away from the distractions.

Secondly, always come prepared, by which we mean don’t forget all your night-time and next morning essentials. A hold all containing everything you need as usual is easy to pack, and can be left somewhere discreetly, or if preferred with a trusted guest such as the maid of honour. If you have a special car for the day, perhaps leave it in the boot.

Don’t forget to assign the responsibility of collecting your gifts, cards and other mementos from the day, to a trusted party, such as parents of the happy couple or a best friend. As long as you can rest in peace knowing they will safely arrive at their destination after the day, you can take the time to enjoy your alone time without this added worry!

The finite details of where everything needs to go should also be given due consideration. Once satisfied with your decision as to where things such as table cards, programmes from the day and wedding favours, you can take assurance that you have given the layout of the reception venue due consideration.

It is also well worth paying some attention to the decoration not just in the main hall, but extending the theme into the bathrooms, bar area, and in fact everywhere the guests will congregate. This will really give a thorough and professional feel to the layout.

Small gifts for the wedding party, specifically the nearest and dearest are a classic touch that really make everyone feel valued in their contribution, no matter how big or small – try and find something unique with an enjoyment factor that won’t go unnoticed.

Have one space set aside for your wedding gifts such as a table in one of the corners of the main banquet hall so that they are all placed safely there and not left floating around. Having one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen sat by the table to oversee will help take your mind off this, and you will have simplifies the process of collecting them afterwards for your responsible person.

Don’t forget to plan what happens the following day – if you are leaving straight from the hotel the next morning, ensure the luggage is already at the hotel, along with passports, cash and a pre-booked taxi. Try to avoid booking the cab too early or it will become stressful. Book at a reasonable time, allowing for breakfast, showers, and relaxing before heading off on your honeymoon.

Once the day is over, don’t forget to bring all the paperwork with you, after all this is the legal proof you are now a married couple!

The final tip is to remember to liaise with the suppliers etc. no later than a week before the day. This allows the time to rectify any mistakes and ensure everything is on course and running smoothly.