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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Immaculate Manicure DIY Tips

Following our contribution to Julep’s “Perfect Pedi” campaign last week, Black Pearl Weddings feel that the natural follow up is a blog detailing some great advice for DIY Manicure Nail Art.

2014 has seen some spectacular Nail Art trends, and we would like to focus on a particularly pretty one, our personal favourite for the summer, Striping Tape Nail Art.

Effects such as ombre, strips, checks and a huge assortment of other geometrical patterns can be created using striping tape. Striping tape is increasingly available from many online retailers such as Amazon or Ebay, to name but a couple.

Striping tape is the simplest way to generate clean straight lines on your nails. You can apply two or more colours - striping tapes will make the manicure easier. In this example diagonal strips have been applied on top of white. Then the model has added some beautiful blue polish over the white. While it was still slightly damp, the strips are gently removed, and it is all left to dry, before a top coat is applied to protect the design.

For a range of great manicure products, visit Julep, who also have some fabulous tips, and a wonderful article on creating another style, the citrus slice, which is perfect for summer and very in keeping with the 2014 trends, Julep.