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Sunday, 2 November 2014

"Ethnic Bride Series" - The Money Dance

A custom in Africa, favoured particularly in Nigeria, the “Money Dance” is a tradition actually enjoyed the world over.

The tradition is that the first dance, as the floor is being opened up to the guests, is carried out by the Bride, often with a backing group of dancers, or perhaps close female friends of the Bride such as the Bridesmaids.

As the bride undertakes the dance, guests and well-wishers dance toward her on the dance floor, approaching her to shower her with money, in note form. The customary showering of the bride with cash is to wish the happy couple well on their journey as husband and wife, with each donation being a token toward a stable and prosperous future.

As the dance progresses, the Groom will dance toward his wife, accompanying her for the first dance, as the well-wishers move away having deposited their kind gifts. This dance will then lead to the dance floor being available to all guests to come and share in the happy occasion and enjoy the party for the rest of the evening.

See the perfect demonstration of this elegant dance below..  

Aside from the customary depositing of notes, often the guests will fashion items out of cash for the bride, such as garters made from bills or simple jewellery fashioned from coins.

In fact, so renowned are the spectacular Nigerian weddings and tradition of the "Money Dance" that a whole styled shoot was undertaken by photography byobi, following the inspirational Black Barbie shoot for Vogue Italia