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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Black Pearl Weddings Meets Lesley's Healthy Tips

Black Pearl Weddings have had the opportunity to meet with the lovely Lesley, author and founder Lesley’s Healthy Tips, a superb new blog detailing numerous ways in which to enjoyably lose weight or manage your BMI at your target size.

With exceptional knowledge of lifestyle advice, and personal experience in achieving her ideal, boosting self-confidence and wellbeing, Lesley has decided to share her expertise with the world, and offer some stunning information for brides on how to prepare for their ceremony at their leisure, so that they can feel their very best on the day.

Here, Lesley shares a little about herself and the blog with us:

Please us a little about yourself ?

I’m Lesley, I am a 5’9” tall, 30 something professional woman, with a story to tell and ideas to share.

Please tell us a little bit about your blog ?

I was inspired to start a blog about my journey through past struggles I had with my weight, more so after giving birth to my second child and the impact it had on my self-esteem and confidence. Finally I decided enough was enough and took matters in hand, seeking brief, unplanned, informal advice & tips from a Health Advisor. I incorporated my own  tips and tricks that worked into the plan, which helped me to change from being sized 18 and weighing in excess of 210lbs/15st/95kg, down to a size 12/14, weighing below 180lbs/12.9st/82kg.

My blog however, is not simply about losing weight but also about shedding pounds healthily whilst remaining realistic throughout the process, allowing my help, advice and experience to assist you on your journey.  The blog is unisex so both genders will learn from the many tips and tricks to achieving their target weight.

 Please tell us how your tips will benefit the bride ?

The sooner that brides-to-be start utilising my advice and information, the more benefits they will reap, undoubtedly boosting her self-esteem and confidence. This will not only allow her body to adjust to the new changes comfortably, but her state of mind and wellbeing also.  In an ideal world, most ladies would like to trim down without putting in much effort or in a very short timescale, in time for her BIG day. Unfortunately this is simply not possible.  My blog is realistic and gives info on different beverages (home-made), foods, work outs & exercises, types of clothing to wear with the aim of aiding weight loss healthily and to reach their target BMI in time for the wedding. I encourage all brides-to-be to visit my website, and subscribe to get my weekly blog sent straight to their emails. Subscribers can also email me via the website for personally tailored tips and tricks and get started.

Do you have any tips that would assist the bride to lose weight?

One of my favourite tips for the bride-to-be who has excess weight around the midriff that she isn’t happy with, is to start with a small number of sit-ups daily, for example 10 to 15 reps. I’m going to be generous and divulge another tummy buster tip, which is there are special undergarments that you can wear daily to target the fat around the tummy area which actually works.  For more information and my personal recommendations, simply subscribe to my blog.

Photos - Courtesy of Lesleys Healthy Tips Blog

For more information and to subscribe to this wonderful blog please visit: