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Sunday, 8 February 2015

"Ethnic Bride Series" - Destination St Lucia

Our latest instalment of Black Pearl Weddings "The Ethnic Bride Series" focuses on a very special Island, close to the heart of Black Pearl Weddings; none other than St Lucia. 

In the West Indies, St Lucia is a Sovereign Island country rich with history, and sumptuous sights and attractions. Located closely to the islands of Saint Vincent, Barbados and Martinique, St Lucia is one of the “Windward Islands”, and as such, it is host to many magnificent Caribbean cruises, with boat rides to other nearby islands easily accessible. 

One of the main features boasted by the beautiful Island is Sulphur Springs, the "world's only drive in volcano", with the water located at the centre of the springs boiling at approximately 340 Fahrenheit or 170 Celsius, thus creating large plumes of steam. Resulting from this magnificent feat of nature are divine volcanic springs to bathe in early in the morning before it becomes too hot!

Another major advantage of giving consideration to having a destination wedding on St Lucia are the white sand beaches, and crystal blue seas vibrant with tropical fish – St Lucia is a perfect place to hold you wedding and honeymoon jointly in such a scenic and romantic isle. There are exquisitely simple yet luxurious huts but a stones throw away for the perfect accommodation, Set closely to the picturesque beaches, St Lucia has some truly breath-taking flora and fauna, the country hosting one of the planet’s most spectacular botanical gardens, the “Diamond Falls Botanical Garden”.

St Lucia also boasts delicious, fresh food, with a huge component of the country’s trade being fishing and also growing fruits and vegetable. Additionally, the West Indies are famed for a wonderfully relaxed pace of life and warm, friendly locals.

The final wonderful attraction that we are going to focus on in this blog is Pigeon Island, a 40-acre) islet located in Gros Islet in north Saint Lucia. Previously isolated in the Caribbean Sea, the island was attached to the western coast of St Lucia in 1972 by a man-made causeway built from dirt excavated, forming the Rodney Bay Marina. Composed of two peaks the island is a historic site with numerous forts such as an 18th-century British fort and Fort Rodney and is home to the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival.