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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Meaning of the Butterfly

The butterfly is renowned for its symbolism, representing life and the associated phases of life. Before their graceful crescendo, butterflies experience various stages of life to achieve metamorphosis.

Couples select butterfly wedding invitations as the life cycle is metaphorically synonymous to the development of their relationship, from humble or uncertain beginnings to a spectacular new phase in their lives.

This sentiment is universally recognized in all cultures.

There are also cultural significances with the butterfly. They are an international symbol for life, love and strength. To the Chinese, butterflies represent a long prosperous life whereas to the Japanese, men in love is the interpretation.

Irrespective of a couples interpretation of the significance, the choice for butterflies is one that is so often selected to the romanticism of the symbol, and the subliminal message that this is now the stage of their life whereby they have achieved their perfect stage, and will remain in so until death do them part.