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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Innovative Invitations

It appears that many couples are coming up with unique ideas on how to invite guests to their weddings.

Increasingly, couples are now showing favour with inventive methods of inviting guests to their special day, as opposed to the traditional wedding invitation. This in turn, has developed into a niche market, supplying unusual wedding invitations the gathering masses. 

We have already seen a rise with paperless wedding invitations with such examples including social media posts, emails, and even web pages dedicated to the ceremony with RSVP confirmation links.  

Now it seems wedding vendors are becoming increasingly innovative in order to stay at the top of their market.

Here are a few such invitations that demonstrate the ever changing trends.

Wedding Movie Invitation Movie

The Wedding invitation DVD, a concept in which couples get to star in their own movie aimed at inviting guests to their wedding. These DVD’s are available in many different themes from Hot Pink to Romeo and Juliet.

Tea Towel Wedding Invitations

Guests are presented with personalized tea towels detailing the wedding. This is a lovely idea, as guests will never forget the date of your wedding even when doing housework!

They are available in several different themes including winter or spring themes.
Available from Wedding Tea Towels

Origami Wedding Invitations 

Made from a delicate white cotton organza fabric, these are  hand-folded into beautiful origami invitation designs. There are various designs available with multiple ribbon and label color schemes, and prove an attractive addition within the guests homes.
Available from Paper bird design

Flat acrylic or Perspex Wedding Invitations 

An invitation styled such that it can be placed on a metal stand, so that your guests will remember your wedding date and have their own unique customized memorabilia of the day.
Available from Precision Units

The Candy Bouquet Invitation

Why not treat your guests when inviting them to your wedding with these candy bouquets? Each one comes with a selection of favourites.
Available from Kellys-Candy-Bouquets

This selection is just a small taste of the vast range of inventive methods in which invitations can now be offered.