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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Symbolize your Wedding for Eternity

Black Pearl Weddings have noticed the increasing trend in marriage themed body-art. In particular, wedding ring tattoos. To explore this, we thought it a great time to interview one of the newest, most stylish tattoo parlours to have opened in North London.

 Ying & Yang Body Art owner Marty B, has told us a little about the trend and his studio.

Please tell us a bit about your business

We are the newest fully licensed and insured tattoo studio in Whetstone, Barnet, N20.

Run by myself Marty B and co-owner Dave W, we have almost 40 years of tattooing experience behind us, and we offer a wide range of tattoo styles, body piercing and jewellery.

Our studio is modern and comfortable, so our can clients feel relaxed, and as many people have never been tattooed before, we understand the important of a great atmosphere.

What type of services do you offer? 
A full range of tattoos and piercings
Initially we give every client a free consultation on where, how and what to expect through the whole tattoo experience and take great pride in our aftercare advice and support.

How does this translate into the Wedding Industry and which type of tattoos appeal to the modern bride and groom?

There has been a noticeable increase in couples choosing wedding tattoos to symbolize their devotion, and one classic example is the date of their wedding tattooed on their ring finger, perfect for the more forgetful of us, it stands as a lifelong reminder of their anniversary date so no more trips to the dog house for some of us men!

The most popular wedding tattoo area is by far the ring finger; choices vary from initials, dates, symbols or even a band. These appeal to skilled workers in manual work, such as builders, engineers etc. as the ring won’t be caught on anything or cause injury. Another bonus is that it can’t be removed and they are more cost-effective than an actual ring; and as we know, budgets are tighter at the moment. This style is also favoured by a number of high profile celebrities, one of whom is none other than BeyoncĂ©.

What would you advise a bride and groom on tattoos?

We’d advise the happy couple to consider very carefully the size and design of the tattoo, as if to big or funky others might simply observe it as a hand tattoo instead appreciating the significance and commitment to their partner.

Do you have and ideas on unique tattoos a bride and groom can have?

Every wedding tattoo we do is unique, and individual intertwined hearts, dates, initials and simple band designs, are never the same as they are etched on free hand, and no two hands are the same.

All images are courtesy of Marty B at Ying & Yang Body Art.