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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Wow your guests with ADANTA.

Welcome to the wonderful word of ADANTA

ADANTA is an African dance and theatre company based in Brent, North West London, which performs traditional African dance and music. ADANTA tours with a 7-strong company of dancers, drummers and acrobat. With this combination of people they offer a variety of performances for private functions, particularly weddings. 

They exist to explore and express ideas through dance, reflecting their African roots, society and way of life. Their philosophy is the creation of innovative works by using sources rooted in traditional African culture and to communicate the diversity of dance vocabulary within the continent to their wide range of audiences.

We feel privileged to have spoken with  Sunny Nwachukwu,  the award winning ADANTA's Events Coordinator.

What type of services do you offer?

We offer traditional African drumming and dance. We include acrobatics, fire eating, and body contortionism which are optional extra's. The drumming is unbelievably mind-blowing and the dances are fantastic, selected from the most intricate and fantastic traditional African dance forms. The dances are delivered by a minimum of 3 drummers and 3 dancers all in bright and colourful African dance costumes. The duration of the shows vary depending on what is on the event program, but on average it is anything between 20 and 40 minutes.

The most popular package is leading the couple into the reception venue with African drumming and dances. Usually a lead dancer lead the procession followed by the bride and groom and the rest of the dancers and drummers following. This gives the couple to use the dance rhythm to greet their guests at the reception.

This package is done as a secrete package, that means that the guests are not aware of our presence till the bride and groom enter the venue. Once they are seated we proceed to do our show.
Our shows also have a high level of audience interaction with the dancers bringing some members of the audience to the dance floor to dance. On few occasion we hold a 3-move dance workshop where all the audience stand up and participate in a simple, easy to follow African dance routine. We hold this with audience where we think it is appropriate and fit the mood of the occasion.

You know, I can go on and on about what we do, but the only thing we guarantee is maximum excitement and entertainment for any wedding guest. So far we have never had a bad show and we intend to keep it that way.

Which types of venue have you performed at ?

As a group we have performed in all sorts of venues doing other aspects of our program outside weddings. We have done a few television appearances including the Paul O’Grady show. We have also performed in major venues in the UK including Wembley Arena, Buckingham Palace (Queens Golden Jubilee) Birmingham Exhibition Centre, etc.

For our wedding program we have performed in all sorts of spaces and venues, big and small alike. With every one offering the same joyous atmosphere, it is a fantastic experience both for us as well as for our audience. We have performed in the York Castle that is in the Old Duke’s folklore. We have also performed in Hotel reception venues, community centres, town halls etc. We basically travel wherever we are invited to go. We have performed in major UK cities from Scotland to Cornwall.

How can your service appeal to couples?

Like every service provider for weddings, we start from the understanding that wedding is a woman’s special day and a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for the couple. We always personalize our performances to suit the ideas that the couple have for the occasion. We are fantastic with details, from the layout of the venue, which is relative to how we will make our presentation, through to the timing of our appearance etc; we discuss it before hand with either the couple or their event organizers.

But most importantly, we know that weddings are happy occasions. We radiate pure joy through our performances and engage and lifts even the gloomiest of audience so that they join in making the occasion what it is, a wonderful celebration of the union of two people in love and perpetual commitment to one another.

What can your service add to a wedding?

Spectacle, colour, entertainment and novelty.