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Monday, 17 June 2013

Remaining composed during your wedding ceremony (Part 1)

We know better than most, that a wedding ceremony can be a nerve-wracking time, even for the most confident bride or groom. Bearing this in mind, Black Pearl Weddings have decided to share a few hints at how to avoid natural jitters escalating into panic…

Combating fits of nervous laughter

Should you feel about to burst into laughter, there are a few methods that will help you to remain composed, however strong the desire to laugh is…

Resourcefully using a thorn from your bouquet or the edge of a pin, gently prick your finger. Similarly to biting your lip or tongue, this mild pain will force away the urge to laugh.

Biting down on your bottom lip with enough force to actually cause a little pain will quickly remove the overwhelming need to laugh.

Another such method is to quickly pinch yourself. The skin on the back of your forearm is highly sensitive, so a very quick pinch that will go undetected will do the trick, but remember to let go very quickly to avoid bruising.

Or take the opportunity to think about a very sombre fact, which will soon sober you up...

Avoid tears during your ceremony

Concentrate on your breathing – breathing is a natural way to lower panic, and avoid focusing on something that makes you nervous. Take deep, measured breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling the air from your mouth. Doing this a few times will help you calm quickly and prepare you for the big moment.

Try to start thinking about trivial facts such as your favourite toys as a child or unimportant events that have brought a smile to your face. Again, this will serve as a distraction to avoid those nerves or the onset of tears.

Visually focus on an object such as a decoration, flooring, or anything else that captures your attention. This will take your mind off the nerves, and you will soon be confident to proceed as normal, and will help avoid tears.

Hold a confident posture, with your head held high and your back straight. This will immediately help you to feel the confidence you project and will nullify any negative emotions you are feeling.

Understanding that emotions are shared at weddings, and tears or laughter will soon catch on among many guests should serve as acknowledgement to avoid paying too much attention to attendees who are displaying such emotion. Remaining aware of any guests that are more prone to such displays will help you know exactly who to avoid focusing on during your ceremony, and in turn will help to avert such displays yourself.

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