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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Innovative ways to increase your wedding budget.

Thinking of ways to increase your wedding budget? Look no further as Black Pearl Weddings may have the solution.

Revise your Bridal Registration

While it is tradition to register for gifts associated to starting a home together as a married couple, it may prove more beneficial to actually start the registry at the very beginning of planning your wedding. Rather than selecting the usual gifts such as silverware or china, perhaps put down specific items or services for the big day. This will reduce your costs, potentially considerably.

Hold a wedding fund raising party to increase your own budget

In the same sense as charitable fund raising parties, try arranging a luxury dinner party and inviting guests to attend for a fee, in order to raise funding for your big day. Alternatively add a personal touch by holding the dinner or party in your own home.

Offer a wedding raffle

Give guests the unique chance to win a prize such as sharing the floor for the first dance, winning the wedding dress, ride in the wedding limousine, or securing preferred seating.

Consider selling your belongings

Take the opportunity to have a clear out, and look at items you no longer use or don't really need. The popularity of internet auction or sale sites means has made this an increasingly accessible way to raise funds. Alternatively you can hold a garage sale, to include your community, family and friends.

Seek wedding sponsorship

A growing trend, wedding sponsorship can relieve the financial strain of your wedding, and offer local companies the opportunity to positively promote themselves and advertise services.

Placing a logo on the wedding apparel, wedding schedules, or invitations, banners on the limousine or around the venue, and incorporating the company during the wedding speech or by the band will give the company targeted advertising, in return for offering financial contribution towards your budget.

Incentivize potential investors with a wedding package

Provide a package that could include benefits such as joining the bride or groom for the first dance, walking the bride down the aisle, dinner parties at your home, an invitation to attend the wedding with seating at the head table, or any other personal touches you may like to offer. In return for the wedding package, specify exactly what you want, and pitch it to whomever you consider a suitable candidate.

Wedding pot

Consider all of your living expenses, and cut down wherever possible. Start saving your cash as much as possible, and putting it all into your wedding budget. Avoid unnecessary expenses and things that you don't absolutely need. Small steps will soon amount to a noticeable increase to your budget.

We hope you find these ideas useful,

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