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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, Can I Have Your Attention Please..? (Part 2)

So having given consideration to the Ladies’ role in supporting a prospective couple, Black Pearl Weddings are now going to turn our attention the “Best Man”. Famous for delivering the first and probably most memorable speech of the day, there is actually far more to this role than most chaps realise, often exceptionally keen and enthusiastic act the role for their lifelong friend or close relative.

So what really factors into the role? Black Pearl Weddings would like to present you with an insight into the magnitude of the title Best Man.

Prior to the Wedding, the Best Man is responsible for:

Planning the stag party is one of your biggest responsibilities. While the actual event often becomes a raucous and a little bit messy, it is your duty to make sure that the groom gets home safely, without compromising his ability to turn up for the wedding. It may be worth actually holding the event a few days or a week prior to the ceremony, to allow a recovery period so that on the actual day everyone feels fresh and well rested,

Organise and attend the tuxedo/suit fitting. It is also worth remembering that many couples planning a wedding on a lower budget are going to be unable to afford the cost of renting multiple suits, so it is a great gesture to offer to pay for your own.

Be present at the rehearsal. Shortly before the actual wedding, a rehearsal will take place at the actual location. As Best Man, it is imperative you are there, as you play a critical role throughout the ceremony, so arrive punctually, preferably ten minutes early. The rehearsal is unlikely to last very long, probably around an hour at the most, so it is not going to take too much out of your day.

Duties for the Best Man during the Ceremony & Reception 

Spend your time with the groom as he prepares for his wedding. Keep him calm, relaxed and sober, and offer reassurance.

Check that the groom has everything he needs, for the wedding and for the honeymoon as well, if he is not returning to his home before departing with his bride. Check for the marriage license, that everything is packed, and that the luggage, tickets and passport are present.

Drive the groom to the venue, arriving about 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to commence.

Distribute the boutonnières among the grooms men ensuring they are fitted correctly. They should be located in the left lapel’s buttonhole of the blaxers/jackets. If the suit has no buttonhole, affix them with a pin.

Enter the ceremony alongside the groom. Whilst the  wedding processional changes according to religion/belief or wedding type generally the minister or priest, best man, and groom enter the venue first.

Keep the groom’s ring safe. You are singularly responsible for providing the ring at the given time in the ceremony. There is no room for manoeuvre with this, it is the pinnacle of importance regarding your responsibility, so don’t allow for any error.

Stay calm and composed – read some of our previous recent blog posts for further information on this

Exit the venue accompanying the maid/matron of honor once the ceremony is completed.

After the wedding, you will normally be requested to witness and sign the marriage license, so keep a good working pen handy.

During the reception, share a dance with the matron/maid of honour and bridesmaids.

Commence the toasting with your speech. This is probably the job you will be most anxious to get right about. Take the opportunity to peruse our blog post from June this year to gain pointers for a successful speech.

Decorate the car that the couple will use to drive off happily into the sunset. Find an opportunity throughout the reception to pop outside with the grooms men at your side and begin the work. Without risking damage to the car, and keeping it in reasonably good taste, there are no rules or guidelines on how or what to do, so just have fun with this task.

And finally, once the wedding has finished and the couple are honeymooning, return the suits to the rental shop, or have them dry cleaned in preparation for the grooms return.

So as you can see, these two roles actually incorporate a lot more responsibility than many people would realise, but the pay off is in knowing the huge contribution you have made to a perfect day, seeing how impressed the guests are with your endeavours, and the lifelong gratitude you will receive from the happy couple.