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Monday, 9 September 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, Can I Have Your Attention Please..?

Behind every wedding, there are two crucial roles, integral to ensuring the seamless and stress-free running of the day. These are of course, the “Best Man” and “Maid/Matron of Honour”.

Being asked to perform in one of these roles is considered an honour, and shows the true amount of trust and respect the couple truly have for you. But remember, the position comes with certain obligations, and you will have to be prepared for some hard work ahead.

As the ceremony ends, you will be among the main people held in regard for how beautiful the day has been, and a special thanks will be reserved for you. Additionally, in years to come, you will be remembered along with the ceremony itself for your stalwart contributions.

So, Black Pearl Weddings would like to share the true depth of responsibilities and look at the actual duties involved in this prestigious post.

As gentry requires, we will start with “Ladies first” and explore the role of Maid (Or Matron for those undertaking the role who are already joyfully married) of Honour:

Prior to the Wedding, the Maid of Honour is responsible for:

Organising the Bachelorette Party, (with the help of the bridesmaids if needed)

Assisting with wedding dress shopping and the sourcing wedding party's apparel.

Arrange a gift from the bridesmaids for the bride

Ensuring invitations are duly addressed and dispatched, alongside the bride-to -be

Helping the bride and the bridesmaids prepare for the ceremony on the morning of the big day.

Protecting the dress & veil as the bride transitions to the ceremony in her car

Duties for the Maid of Honour during the Ceremony & Reception:

Holding the wedding bouquet throughout the ceremony.

Ensuring the Bridesmaids are correctly positioned and aware of their own duties.

Remaining at the bride’s side Acting as her ring bearer if nobody else has been appointed.

Adjusting the Wedding gown and veil as and when necessary to guarantee it looks perfect.

Collect all the wedding gifts offered to the couple.

Work with the bride throughout the photography.

Support the bride to change into her honey-moon departure attire.

Once the wedding is finished, the final duties are:

Retaining and looking after the Wedding gown.

Ensure the gifts are all looked after and kept safe for the couple.

Making sure the bride and groom have the tickets booked for return journeys, and that they have a point of contact if anything arises during their honeymoon.

Checking their home periodically to see that all is as it should be/pets are looked after (unless other arrangements have been made)

So if you find yourself taking on the coveted position, please take a minute to absorb the depth of the role. Any ladies lucky enough to be a Maid or Matron of Honour on a wedding being planned at present, please feel free to drop Black Pearl Weddings a line, whether you face a dilemma, or are unsure about what you need to do next and would like a bit of advice, or simply want a bit of reassurance that you are approaching the task the best way.