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Monday, 5 May 2014

A Reminder for all Brides – Don’t forget your emergency Wedding Kits!!!

Every bride plans for her special day to run seamlessly. One way to help ensure it will is by having your own special emergency wedding kit, so that any unforeseen crises that arise can be swiftly dealt with. It is all too easy for a tiny issue to escalate, especially on a day with emotion running so high, but this simple step will give you that extra reassurance.

There are a few essential things that ought to be packed into your kit, aside from each bride’s individual requirements, such as specific medicine or comforts.

Black Pearl Weddings recommend that the following items would be a great list to follow to have a comprehensive kit at your disposal - Transparent nail polish in case of laddered tights; Corsage pins; Spare earring butterflies; Spare tights; Hair pins or ponytail holder; Hem tape; Mini sewing kit; Safety pins; Adhesive tape; Small folding scissors; Static-cling spray; Tissues or hankies; Tweezers; Plasters; Pain killers; and Eye drops.

Ideally, a separate small bag of items for the bride should be looked after by the maid of honour, to cover the evening. This ought to include such items as Mobile phone and Money; Comb or brush; Hair products; Tissues or hankies; Makeup & Mirror; Nail file; Perfume; and Feminine hygiene products.

Black Pearl Weddings sincerely hope this is a help and wish all brides the very best for their wedding day!