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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wedding Flavours of 2014

The foods favoured for 2014 wedding breakfasts are very distinctive, and stand out in comparison with previous flavours from years gone by.

One of the “hottest” trends throughout this year is the increased selection of spicy foods being offered on the menu. As greater numbers of guests are inclined to enjoy more exotic flavours of the world, the palatable platters on offer are starting to include food from the Far East. Whether the fiery and tangy flavours of Thailand combined with matching traditional seafood options, formidable chilli dishes from South America, or the delectable variations of Indian curries, there is sure to be something to spice up your wedding reception that will please everyone.

It is also worthy of note, that this year’s cuisine is very much directed by season, and reflects the natural flavours associated with the time of year. Throughout summertime, expect to see an increase in zesty citrus flavours, and lighter meals, with flavour inspirations such as mint, elderflower or cinnamon and nutmeg; whereas the winter will host richer foods such as chocolates, hearty roasts with root vegetables, and warming sauces such as gravy or horseradish. Autumn will boast flavours such as fresh basil, rosemary, ginger, honey and quiches, cheeses, tarts and apples or pears.

Wedding cakes will also match this trend, with rich pralines and mocha flavours being widely favoured in the latter parts of the years, and fresh fruit adornments enhancing the cakes throughout the summer, with typical favourites being strawberries, raspberries, and lemon zest.

The final aspect of the wedding foods of 2014 we feel stands out as hugely symbolic is the serving styles. Whilst waiters will as always be dressed impeccably, the self-serving, family lay out style of the feast is on the increase. This brings an intimate feel to the proceedings, encouraging guests to interact with each other more, and creating an entirely relaxed feel to the proeedings.