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Monday, 8 September 2014

A Black Pearl Weddings Welcome to Charlene

Black Pearl Weddings would like you to join us in giving Charlene Nwaka a warm welcome. You may remember our guest blog "Gowns' Galore" which Charlene wrote for us - well Charlene, a fully qualified Wedding Planner, has joined the Black Pearl team.

Charlene and Black Pearl Weddings would love to share this introduction with our readers...

Tell us a little bit about yourself ?

Hi I’m Charlene, a qualified wedding planner/consultant. Aside from my passion for all things weddings I have always had an interest and genuine love of fashion, vintage fashion in particular as I think it’s pretty cool to take an old item of clothing for example a mini dress from the 60’s and team it up with something like high tops (trainers). A little different admittedly but I love that.

Another of my interests is music, I grew up listening to everything from hip-hop to classical thanks to my family which I also think are responsible for the creative gene I seem to have as it definitely runs throughout ha-ha.

Like most people though, when I get the chance to have some down time my most favourite thing to do is relax with family/friends watch a DVD, eat some good food and enjoy great conversation, all the simple things.

What attracted you to wedding planning?

I remember I was quite young, it was family movie night in my household and we were watching ‘father of the bride’ (Steve Martins version), from the moment I realised that such a job existed there was nothing else I wanted to do but become a wedding planner and as I grew up that feeling only escalated. I loved the idea of a career so beautiful and different every day, to get ready for work knowing that I’m on my way to do something that I enjoy and have always had a passion for.

What do you like most about being a wedding planner?

What I like most about being a wedding planner would be the fact that I get to create something special and memorable for the couple, I’m able to be a part of making that day everything they wanted and that’s incredible.

 Who is your favourite wedding dress designer?

It’s really difficult to select just one favourite wedding dress designer as I have a few different looks and styles that appeal to me so my 3 favourite designers are: Caroline Castigliano, Lillian West and Madeline Gardener. They all offer perfection in different forms, depending on the look your after for your day.

Are there any particular weddings (past or present) that stand out to you?

A wedding I always remembered and fell in love with was celebrities Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s wedding back in 2002. It was romantic, timeless and elegant; they used a pale colour pallet that included white, pink and yellow with plenty of candles which gave the wedding a soft cosy feel. Very much a day I believe would have been a treat to organise.

What would be your ideal wedding to plan?

My ideal wedding to plan would be something simple, romantic with a hint of fairytale. Both the ceremony and reception held in a beautiful country house surrounded by stunning picturesque views, greenery that stretches for miles yet still has a cosy an intimate feel.

The Vision- A waterfall of flowers, yellows and white intertwined with greens.

The Theme- vintage love (yellow, white, green) depicting a love with longevity, somewhat traditional, equal and endless.

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