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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Upcoming Trends For Spring 2015

As the summer of 2014 reaches its fabulous crescendo, rather than reflect upon the divine trends we have witnessed through this year, Black Pearl Weddings are somewhat excited to look forward to the next range of breath-taking trends, set to take the wedding world by storm in 2015.

Acclaimed designers have opted for off-the-shoulder necklines as a main feature for dresses in this upcoming seasonal range, designed to show the beauty of the feminine shape enveloped within the gown.

Oxymoronically, delicate lace collars are also destined to be a favourite with many designers, choosing to elegantly grace the neck with these stylish additions.

In terms of colour, 2015 will observe an increase in more subdued yet sophisticated colours, with greys, blues and pastel mint-greens showing their worth in the upcoming collections, marking an increased favour towards alternative colours to the traditional favourites such as white or ivory.

The picture has been painted, the scene set, for brides to create a dramatic style with their bridal o attire, and a key feature accessory add emphasis to this illusion are capes. A reinvention of the style will see capes explode onto the market as a must have accessory for many of the glamorous gowns from esteemed around the world.

And our final pick from the stunning spring range is the inspired Tulle overskirt adornments. Fitted around the dress itself, the overskirt can add an almost ethereal glow to the appearance of a bride on her wedding day; one superb fact is that while it provides an opaque effect to the outfit, this can itself be altered through choosing the colour of the Tulle lace to add a completely unique touch to your bridal beauty.

Black Pearl Weddings eagerly await this sublime collection being released to the world, and cannot wait to see what else is in store for 2015.