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Sunday, 17 August 2014

How to pick your wedding theme.

The time has come to plan your wedding, and you aren’t sure exactly how to select a theme, or whether you want a particular theme.

The advantages of having a theme are not only that it reflects your personal styles and tastes, adds a unique touch to your big day, but it also simplifies the process of choosing and organising all the aspects of the day through reducing the amount of options and giving you a clear insight into exactly the types of things you are searching for.

The best place to start is by thinking through the location. The venue will play a major part in choosing your theme. For example, if you wanted a beach wedding, you might consider a Hawaii theme using things such as feather garters or grass skirts.

Once you have selected your venue, it will vastly simplify the process of selecting your theme. The best way to think of the venue for your special day is considering your personal tastes. For example, if you love fairytale weddings, perhaps one of the magical castles in Bavaria (see our previous blog on Divine Destinations) might be the ideal location.

With the venue selected, it’s time to consider how best to incorporate your theme. Black Pearl Weddings would advise that instead of thinking too closely about the minutae, such as wedding favours and table cards, look at the bigger picture, and focus on factors such as colours, venue decoration, and even food. This will create the theme in itself, and you will probably find that the more finite details fall into place as the big day draws closer. Although the wedding dress and suits are a major aspect unto themselves, factors such as hair, make-up, even selection of wedding tie and matching handkerchief for the groom and best man can be coordinated to compliment the theme to finish it off beautifully.

The other major tip is to consider a theme you won’t look back on and regret. If you stop and ask yourself whether it is based on a lifelong favourite thing, or rather a passing fancy, you are more likely to come up with a style that will look impeccable not just at the time of marriage, but also when you look back on it years later, when you and your spouse are fondly remembering your nuptials.

With due thought given to these aspects, you won’t steer yourselves wrong, and by no means allow other people to tell you the sort of theme you want. It is a highly personal choice and must be tailored exactly to you, demonstrating to the world your happiness and exactly how you want to express your love for one another.