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Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Urban Vibe

Following our recent blog about urban weddings, Black Pearl Weddings felt it was the perfect time to share one stunning caveat of this stylish theme – urban wedding cakes. The type of cakes in particular that we have really become infatuated with combines traditional cake styles, such as 3 tier, with urban styled icing.

Another sumptuous vogue in cake decoration is incorporating major city skylines on the icing – see below a few beautiful examples such as the London skyline and iconic New York sights.

It is also worth considering adding a few elegant and traditional wedding cake touches to such a style cake to really show how well the juxtaposition between urban and classic chic can really combine to create a beautiful niche style for your special day.

One of the loveliest aspects of urban weddings is that there is no right and wrong, and the way that things can complement each other is far wider ranging than most other wedding themes. It is really a chance to mash up current trends alongside favoured traditional wedding fashions to really reflect your own creativity.