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Friday, 1 August 2014

Urban Weddings

One inspired trend that keeps on producing incredible result after incredible result, is Urban-themed Weddings. 

Providing a stand-alone style, Urban Weddings are the ultimate celebration of the time in which we live. With a plethora of architectural styles, matched with a barely, if at all unfurnished finish, some of the venues that one can find to host such a ceremony are all around us in the cities of the world, meaning that there is almost definitely something that will match your vision. 

With some of the most skilled artists in the world favouring graffiti or street art as their artistic expression, many of the buildings feature breath-taking decoration on the exterior that will compliment your photo-shoot in a truly unique way. The way has truly been paved by famed artists such as Banksy and Nick Walker to bring graffiti into the mainstream, making it a relevant and current style, perfect to add that modern edge to your day. Coupled to this, it fits well with the hugely popular conceptual art movement headed by names such as Tracy Emin and Damian Hirst.

The beauty of an Urban Wedding, though, is not just the actual building used for the venue, but the gorgeous juxtaposition that occurs through the traditional style of a wedding set within the venue, deriving a spectacle for all to appreciate. The contrast between vintage and contemporary culminates in truly glamorous chic.

Urban weddings don’t only compliment the traditional wedding style, but act as a canvas to showcase some sumptuous bold colours. One major advantage of unfurnished buildings is their adaptability for design. Virtually no theme or colour combination will look out of place in such a venue.