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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Don't forget the kids.

When planning your wedding, it is vital not to forget the younger guests. Inevitably, a portion of your guests are going to bring their children. Therefore, consideration has to be given to their shorter attention span so that the experience can be as enjoyable for those of more tender years.

With this in mind, Black Pearl Weddings are sharing some of our favourite ways to keep children of all ages entertained.

Firstly, a simple way to keep the children occupied during the ceremony, which can seem lengthy for the younger ones, is perhaps to have portable/hand held computer games or tablet pc available, with a selection of games. By using the silent setting or having the volume turned down low, disruption can be avoided while preventing our young guests from becoming bored.

With the ceremony out of the way, it's time to look at making the reception child friendly.

One of the key points is to remember the entertainment. Whilst wedding planning will usually incorporate sourcing ideal entertainment for the adults, the children will benefit even more from carefully selected entertainment. Whatever style you choose, be it music, magic, comedy or anything else, take the opportunity to methodically vet your entertainer, ensuring that the act is able to appeal to children of all ages, and has ample acts to truly capture the attention of the younger guests. If possible, go and see the entertainer in action prior to booking, to get a real idea of what is on offer.

Another simple but highly effective treat for the younger guests is to provide a create your own desert table. This sure fire success will please everyone and can be achieved on a lower budget.

Consider a kids corner, room or tent set up with games or computer games, that will serve as a way to bring the children together and really interact. It could be worth setting up an arts and crafts area, or even offer a team building set of exercises like sports or the tug of war, with adequate supervision.

There are some old fashioned traditions that simply cannot be overlooked. Bouncy castles, fancy dress, face painting and party bags are all tried and tested activities that never fail to please younger guests, and really liven up their day.

Whilst it is great to offer these activities, it is also worth having a chat with the parents prior to the day, so that the kids can bring their favourite toys; therefore they will have something that is familiar and comforting.
It is also absolutely crucial to allow the children the chance to come and join the adult activities; kids will always light up the dance floor and show real appreciation for great entertainment.

A final suggestion is to have professionals on hand. A mobile crèche or professional babysitter will come at a reasonable price, and knowing that your children are well looked after and safe while they are enjoying the day will give the parents in attendance a chance to let down their hair and enjoy themselves free from stress.