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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Matrimonial Mocktails

A tradition that began in the 1980's, which has found itself becoming increasingly popular, is celebrating occasions with Mocktails, the gorgeous alcohol free cocktail drinks that can be enjoyed by all.

A tasteful alternative for a stunning wedding toast, Mocktails offer a multitude of benefits. Providing a selection of some of the most delightful combinations of flavours, aesthetically pleasing, and a perfect way to really personalise your toast with a drink that will reflect your tastes, this is a sure fire way to really capture the imagination of your guests.

Mocktails are more than just visually stimulating drinks though, as they yield a multitude of benefits. From enabling the younger guests to participate in the toast, or including any pregnant guests (or possibly the bride), choosing this non-alcoholic substitute also offers health benefits, with a wide range of vitamins and nutrients in each drink, eliminating hangovers, and keeping the atmosphere light hearted. It will also allow non-drinking guests to fully enjoy the occasion without feeling conscious, and is especially well suited for Sunday weddings, with the guests able to imbibe as many drinks as they wish, sample every flavour, and still feel great the following day.

Black Pearl Weddings would like to share with you a list of our favourite Mocktails and the recipes to create the perfect non-alcoholic beverage for you and your guests.

First we would like to present the recipe for the indomitable Virgin Mojito

Virgin Mojito

1 oz Lime Juice
4 oz Soda Water
6 Mint Leaves
2 tsps Brown Sugar

Prepare in glass


Add the lime juice, brown sugar and mint leaves in a Highball glass.
Bruise a few mint leaves using a spoon so that their juice can get out.
Let this mix rest for a few hours for best results.
Fill the glass with ice and stir.
Top with Club Soda (or Sprite).
Add a twig of mint for decoration.

Next, the legendary classic Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

1⁄2 oz Grenadine
4 oz Ginger Ale

On the Rocks


Add grenadine in a highball glass half-filled with ice cubes.
Top with ginger ale. Some use Sprite instead.
Garnish with a Maraschino cherry and/or and orange wedge.

Another classic we absolutely have to share is the delectable Cinderella


1 part Orange Juice
1 part Pineapple Juice
3 Lime Wedge
1 Lemon

Prepare in shaker


Muddle lemon and lime.
Shake with pine and orange juice over ice.
Strain into a prechilled tulip glass over ice.

This take on the Bloody Mary is a serious contender for any chic occasion

Virgin Mary

4 oz Tomato Juice
1 dash Lemon Juice
2 drops Tabasco
1 pinch Celery Salt
0.5 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
Method: On the Rocks


Rim a tall glass with celery salt.
Fill the glass with ice.
Pour in all ingredients, keeping the tomato juice last.
Serve with a celery stick.

And Finally, a favourite among younger guests

Elimary cocktail

3 oz Pineapple Juice
1 tsp Grenadine
4 oz Lemonade
2 Raspberry
1 part Lime Wedge

Prepare in glass

Put lemonade juice in a wine class
Add Pineapple juice
Drop slowly 2 raspberries
Add a piece of lime and a straw