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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Neon Nuptials

With the 2013 Wedding Season truly at its apex, Black Pearl Weddings are already looking to 2014, and the trends emerging in the forthcoming wedding scene.And so, we thought what better place to start our journey that with wedding fashion. 

The use of bold neon colour is a fashion that has become so beloved recently, that it promises to continue as strongly in 2014, if not even more so. While such daring colour may unnerve the cautious, bright neon styling can prove an extremely fun and visually pleasing option when done with care.

The injection of splashes of colour in a subdued setting can create a truly delightful atmosphere; we have all learned that colour has powerful stimulation on the brain, with positive benefits including heightened senses of excitement, happiness, and increased energy and enthusiasm. This shared impact will definitely impact upon the pleasure of the occasion.

Neon colours can be used on everything from flowers, to table decoration, to the wedding dress itself. And though less is sometimes more, keeping the theme throughout your styling in an elegant way is one sure fire way to really make your wedding a day for all to fondly remember.

One Parisian treasure we find is a breath of fresh air in wedding fashion is non-other than the spectacular and accomplished Max Chaoul. With his bold use of Neon colour, coupled up with the use of varied classic design styles, he has truly managed to collaborate vintage chic with edgy contemporary twists. 

With worldwide acclaim, and adoring clients from every corner of high society, Max Chaoul designs are absolutely revolutionary to the traditional wedding styles, creating a whole new set of opportunities to put flair into your styling and design.

With such a wealth of inspiration, Black Pearl Weddings could not help but create our latest stunning inspiration board, showcasing the beauty of Neon colour.

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